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Holding to the Word of Life
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Holding to the Word of Life
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Labor Day September 1, 2012
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Jesus Laid His Life Down For You

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The Problem Or Just A Dilemma
even today as well as the pass. You don't have to agree with my take on life, but I ask you to take time to think about your
own views and how your life is shaped by our ever changing world. Take time to read these. You be able to find back issues in
the inspirational section as they are written. Hope you enjoy. It is something new I am trying. These will posted hopefully on a
weekly bases. However one never knows about these things. These are based on spirituality and sometimes not. Please do not
copy but your free to link the pages to share with someone. Bible studies are free to copy, but not for sale along with Daily
Devotionals unless they belong in another section of the website like Inspirationals unless note differently which it will say free
to copy. None of these writings are for sale. Someone trying to sell it to you, you need to contact me.