Nation's Enemy Killed

by Christina Farris(turtle)

One has to wonder how one man could do so much as Osama Bin Ladin did. He had power to
influence people to do evil and to cause great harm to many. Yet even so it took ten years to
locate one man that lead to destruction. Yet I know a man that is the Son of God that lead a lot of
people to repentance His name is Jesus. Many things have been done in the name of Jesus that
is not of God as much as in the name of Allah has done in the Islamic world.

Each church, each individual, each group of people religious or otherwise must examine what is
being taught. Hate or love. there are those that teach hate as well as love. Osama Bin Ladin was
cult leader gone bad. Was he ever good, I don't know. On 911 the terrorist attack and war came
to our shores on a personal level to all Americans. It became personal because we fight for
freedom of all faiths as well as our own. Our Nation is suppose to be a Nation under God.
However it becomes less of a Nation under God when we remove those things that represent
truth and justice for all man kind. When our liberty is taken. Bin Ladin choose to fight by attacking
instead of working within the legal system of our government as well as governments of other
lands. We are self become dictators when we refuse to listen to others culture as well as beliefs
and work in the guidelines of those things, unless we are attacked first. We have been fighting a
war for freedom long before Hilter and long before civil war. This war began when satan tempted
Eve. This war began when a person felt the need to control another human and take away
freedom. God gives free will and so should we.

by Christina Farris