A Strange New World
by turtle

Often we find ourselves out of sorts. We find ourselves looking for answers in
all the wrong places and they are right before us. It has to do with our own
self. Not anyone else. Sometimes deep inside are mysteries that will unlock
the universe and sometimes they are closed off for a purpose. Jesus often
unlocks doors that we have lost the key in our life. He unlocks them at the
appropiate time and place. Sometimes He is is just waiting for the time of
preparation to come. As the world becomes anew and refreshed again in
many american lives we need to remember how God brought us out of Egypt.
How the long road to the promise land was felt. They had waited many years
in Egypt to be delivered before they began there journey across the desert.
They were abused and beaten, but now the dry desert became a haven and
then a place of unhappiness. It later became a place of goodness and peace,
for the great day arrive for Israel to cross in the promise land.

Sometimes we have to go through the desert to reach the other side. We
often can not catch the plane to speed us up, for life must take it course. We
might get a lift on a bus, or a car and even on a camel. But until we get going
in the right direction and traveling in circles the people can not head forward.
The desert is dry but it is a place of learning and a place of safety from the
enemy. A time of walking with God and learning who He is and knowing in the
heart what He is able to do.