by Christina Farris

Migration of a people is not such a nomadic idea but a way of life for many Americans.
We go to work, and when the job runs out, we find a new one, or move somewhere else
to a better job market hoping to find better work, or a steady job.

However farmers are not so lucky. They take a gamble every year their crop will grow,
and their equipment will not cost them to much expense in repairs or new equipment. Yet
this growing season many crops in the mid west burned up due to heat, and because of it
we can expect our food prices to go up, though there is food in reserves to protect the
continual growth of people. However should farmers be migrating and city changing
location to make way for farmers to till soil in more acceptable weather regions as the
heat index rises across our land.

One has to wonder if migration of crops would be a better solution, yet it would cost
many areas to have to sacrifice for change. Would this ever happen, I serious doubt it.
However it is a thought considering our great ancestors were once hunters and gathers
and nomadic. It has always been true that certain crops grow better in certain regions. Yet
often farmers grow what works best in their area. Soil is plowed or not plowed these days
and seed is sown in hopes that it will grow. That God will bless it with rain and not a
tornado, or hail from a summer storm. Yet sometimes crops do not grow as expected and
crops are dry from heat all because of nature fury.

How does one explain to a farmer, his crop died and it is God’s will that he did not
increase this year. How does one explain to a farmer God still loves him when he looking
at dry burnt leaves of a corn field, wonder what he did to deserve this. It may not be his
fault. Globally it might be the sins of the world, for his crop effects both instate and
global economy. However not necessarily. One has to remember Joseph who served in
Egypt at a time of famine, who help the country set up food reserves before seven years
of famine. Abraham having experienced famine more then once, yet had always relied on
his neighbor Egypt. So it is with farming, that not all areas re prosperous. But God
desires us to know that before famine hits we need to be trusting in Him. Why because
He is able to put in reserves needed for the famine. So it is when a minister goes through
times of drought, he provides gentle sprinkle of rain to refresh us. Yet as long as our food
banks are full, the word of God will still flow. Flow deep and wide.

There are people that act as nomads with the word of God. They go here and there
searching for the next filling station of spiritual high, never getting time in the valley.
Never walking with God through the desert searching only for the high God gives. To
walk with God is to walk even in times of drought, trusting in God‘s provision. The
desert maybe dry, but God is able to keep the water of life flowing freely. Jesus is the
water of life that flows to all that is a thirst. Camels can go in the desert for a long time
without stopping for water. Their hump holding excess amount of water. Yet plenty till
the next filling station. God waters his children that way. We like those camels never
thirsting until we need a fresh drink from the word of God. Better to drink every day then
to drink just once a year. God’s word is plentiful better to drink, for a time will come to
the world where there will be a drought like never seen before.