God Wants You To BeBeing Not What
Society Dictates but What
by turtle

A person in his/her twenties is thinking quietly what one believes. The year of being twenty is
like the taste of freedom and the taste of making your own choice. Often twenty means you
are undestructable, but one knows one is not. Twenty is the time in which you make a choice
about who you are. It not that it can not happen later or earlier, but it is a time you actually
began to make those decision of what you believe and what your bigotries are. You make a
choice of your own faith, what you believe.

If you are a Christian you may come to the realization what you are taught may not always be
Biblical and desire change. Fortunately I was raised in a good home but many are not. They
have to make a choice on issues that maybe were not taught or taught correctly.

How does one make those choices, what measuring tool is used. Either society dictates your
beliefs or your faith. What if either of these do not add up to truth. Then one must take them
and decide what will I use. For me I look to God and His word. Society may dictate that you
believe something, but one thing is for sure our action speak what we believe. If we believe it
is not okay to steal and steal then we have doubled talked. If we use people and yet say we
do not then we are a liar. What we do and what we say seldom lines up perfectly. Some will
say I hate you and demonstrate more love then necessary. Others will say I love you and
abuse you.

It is time that each person declares what they are not by what parents or society says they
are, but what they themselves believe. Allowing there actions to speak louder then words. I
live in the good old USA and we are all individuals, learning to respect and live in society with
one another despite our difference.

As a Christian I stand on the word of God though I often live like I should not. Not on purpose
but I am trying to allow God to mold me into Christ image. Trying to live the best I know how
for Jesus. And that means I am not there yet, but working on it.