Creative Twisters

The Problem Or Just A Dilemma

I am your host Christian Farris coming from Today I speaking on the
power of persuasion. The ability to speak with authority to bring about change on a wide
scale or low scale. Parents have influence over the children, politician over a crowd of
people with and without similar political views. Sales clerk trying to sell you the latest
fancy gadget, or religious and social leaders to control a group of people.

What is awareness of one’s surroundings can be blindness to the person beside you.
When driving down the road how many passengers really observe all that the driver does.
Do you trust the driver who chauffer you down a busy street to get you to your
destination. As the chauffer whether it be taxi driver, your spouse, a family member or a
friend, they will observe many things. They will see things in their rear view mirror that no
one else sees. They will observe there side mirrors that the person on the other side of
the front seat might see, or might not see. Yet the mirrors are there to make a driver
more accurate with safety.

The problem occurs when an accident takes place and the passenger only sees from only
what in front of him. The driver sees all around him. Even knows how things spun out of
control. Yet the picture the passenger has is he/she is no longer in one piece because of
whatever sideswiped the vehicle that he/she could not see. Though what occurred is
described to them the picture is never whole. Yet the sound of fiberglass and metal hitting
is etched in their mind forever. The car spinning out of control seen by eye witness only
can imagine the impact as the car hit a tree. For though seeing it they neither felt the pain
of the entire impact.

Here the point if God is chauffering your car, it means that you never need to grab the
wheel and crash. It means God is the seat seeing the full picture and events around your
life that shapes your journey. If you are driving and ask God to take the wheel he still
sees the full picture. If the devil is driving and you try and claim that wheel there is going
to be a fight. A fight for power and control. If you give that wheel to God. God will kick the
devil out of the drivers seat for you. However if God is only the passenger he is only going
to take that wheel if you let Him. Dilemma comes when you try and stop a wreck by
grabbing the wheel. You can not control those events without learning how to drive and
learn defensive driving and that comes with God in charge of the car as the auto pilot.

God never stops driving but it looks like you are the one piloting the vehicle. Don’t put God
in the auto pilot box without sharing the source of your ability to sleep while driving. As I
went through cancer surgery and preventive treatment some wanted to claim I had great
strength, yet the truth was God was the one in charge. My humanity wanted to quit, my
humanity said enough radiation. My humanity said enough doctors. My humanity said this
is making me sick. Yet in truth I found peace going through this trial differently then any
trial I have been through and that peace came from God. Some might say you just got a
little older and little more experience dealing with things like this. No, you never get use to
things wrong in the body or the fight of survival. Though many go through cancer without
faith, I find God in my life giving me that comfort to weather the storm of life. With God in
control there is only victory. Victory either in living or eternal life. With God not in control
you never know where you end up on earth but I guarantee where you end up eternally.
Victory without God is only for a moment, Victory with God began with salvation through
eternity. Eternity is a long time heaven or hell it your choice. To receive God’s salvation
plan is easy, it takes belief in Jesus and allowing God to change your life through His
Word by the power of His Holy Spirit.