Mama Needs A Switch
by turtle

I live in the mountains and you hear those stories of when a kid got in trouble
his mom would tell him to cut his own switch. You knew better then to take a
little short switch back to her. You better take one that did not break, because if
you did it would be ten times worse.

Some times women ministers feel they really like to take a switch to a few
people. But the truth is they can not. They have to not show motherly
correction, but sisterly love. And sometimes that love is that same type of love
a mother feels for her children. The love that though they know the child did
wrong must take them back and hold them.

Living in the hills has taught me a lot about love. Love also can be preparation
of a meal. My mother always loved to cook. And though she knew there were
things I did not like to eat, she always made sure there was something i did like
with the right vitamin nutriention I needed. Moms are special that way.
Sometimes we miss that motherly intution. I think that is why men rather see
their women in the kitchen. They know that they will get a nutrious meal and
what they want to eat as well. Sometimes this type of cataring only comes with

In the church world women have been teaching kids for years and even women
how to raise there kids. How to love them and accept them for who they are.
That is a job of a mom. Dad often is the opposite of mom and makes a child
swim. Sometimes though the child was already swimming. And the added help
caused almost a drowning. The child still loves the father, but some bridges will
take time to mend.

Unfortunately people are human and not like God they remember most things
that happen to them even if it is piece by piece. So even though forgiveness is
given, it takes times for wounds to heal. And only friendship and patient can
make that happen.