Misfit or Maybe A Hidden Writer
                        by turtle30c

Misfits live in a society as such because they do not fit in
anywhere particular. They are curious about everything coming
and going, but often do not ask questions. That is why many
artist, writers and actors do not fit into standard society. They
are always adapting to there surroundings, never really having
there own identy, except with there own families. It is usually
trait. Some can adapt well and others do not. Those that seem
to get a trade seem to adapt better. But those that can not seem
to get a trade it is much harder to adapt.

Misfits are usually misunderstood and may even misunderstand
themselves. I love computers but I am not really computer
literate, yet my ability to use the skills I got make me look smarter
then I am. Give me a quiz and I will fail everytime. Give me my
Bible and it is hard to fool me. Might for a little while but not long.
True natures usually comes out. That why school always was
work for me. I could not adapt. Did not mean I could not learn, it
just was not in my language.

What is stranger if the world all of a sudden adapts to a misfits
world it seem strange and upside down. Yet most people do
adapt to each other. People learn the language of the people
they are around. They learn how to communicate. So if one
misfit meets another misfit there is either more confusion or total
acceptance based on personality.

Maybe I should of study psychology, but it was not in the
language I understood. Boy those who knew me best only tried
to help, but some how fail to understand my language skills.

People generally are the same everywhere. They put on their
shoes the same way and their clothes, though these things
might not be the same. Once someone asked me if I was a
writer. The person was a cousin of mine that I did not know. I
found the question very odd at the time, but now looking back
another writer would know a writer or someone with potential
skills. Are amo is all the same we are curious about people and
there way of life.

by turtle30c