Mrs. Prayer Meeting is dead. In the belief that friends of the deceased
might be interested , we reprint the death notice.
Mrs. Prayer Meeting died recently at the First Neglected Church, on
Worldly Avenue. Born many years ago in the midst of great revivals, she
was a strong, healthy child,
fed largely on testimony and Bible study, soon growing into worldwide
prominence, and was one of the most influential members of the famous
church family.
For the past several years Sister
Prayer Meeting has been failing in health, gradually wasting away until
rendered helpless by stiffness of knees, coldness of heart, inactivity and
weakness of purpose and will power. At last she was but a
) shadow of her’ former happy self. Her last whispered words were
inquiries concerning the strange absence of her loved ones now busy in the'
marts of trade and worldly

Experts, including Dr. Works, and Dr.
Reform and Dr. Joiner, disagree as to the
'cause of her fatal illness, administering large doses of organization,s0cials,
contests and drives , but to no avail. A post
mortem showed that a deficiency of spiritual food, coupled with the lack of
faith, heartfelt religion and general support were contributing causes. Only a
few were present at her death, sobbing over memories of past beauty and
powerful self.

From My Pastor REV. Paul Pugh's Father's notes