We Often Forget Our Veterans

We often forget our Veterans until Veterans Day come around, but when you
think about what they fight for it makes you appreciate them even more. Watching
the news and seeing the show some of the special guys you come home early
from war. They did not get to finish their tour for enemy fire. Though they come
home from the war battered and bruised the spirit is not broken. They show how
they to can fight to do their life dreams. They stand tall and proud or roll their
chariots across the floor. From disfigurements to amputees, they fight for dignity.
And they most of all should be given credit for going to protect the rights of

Whether you agree with war or not you hopefully do agree freedom is worth
fighting for so we can live in liberty. Help those if you are able that fight for your
rights and if you are not able then remember them in prayer. Keep them in your
heart and lift them to the Lord in prayer. Knowing they fight for all of us, whether
at home or abroad.

Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines, going forth to battle to fight for you and me.
They come home broken hearted and fighting for a chance to be once again in
society that sometimes do not understand. Give our troops a break. Give them a
chance to live. Help them through the nightmares that war has dealt to them.

May God bless our troops.

(turtle30c) anonymous writing by me originally.