Taking A Stand
Author turtle30cshell
Taking a stand in what you believe can cost you a friend or
even family.
Do you stand for Jesus or do you stand for the world.
We have freedom in the land, yet it is often abused.
The world says it is okay to combine our faith with the world.
But God says take a stand.
Doesn't mean shooting, or even protesting, just a silent stand
we take because of our faith.
Means if the world says it is okay to do we says I can not
because of God's view.
it is not okay to live in sin, but we are to love those in sin.
We are to pray for others that they too will see the light,
Seeing that loving those around us is sure a big fight. Fighting
with love can only mean one thing our hope is assured and our
heart is in place.
For God is love the Bible says yet we often turn from the truth
of those words.
God is wisdom come from above.
God is understanding we know not of
God is knowledge we can not imagine,
God is judgment yet we fail to see His word is true but we yet
don't believe.
Taking a stand is what we must do in order for this world to
We fail in our convicttions and fail in our hearts to let God
reign in our hearts.
So will you stand straight and tall or will you go limp at the
first call.
Do fail to see the victory we already have that you fall
Christ be the center united we stand in love, peace, joy in the
hope we have.
Being longsuffering and kind though we like to say what we
Continue in Faith despite what we think. Walking in comfort
and truth.
Knowing God love us despite our filth.
Caring enough to make a way for us.
United we stand in one accord though some would like to see
a divorce.
Will you take a stand or fall on the way.
Only must continue standing to stay in the vine.
No compromise for God despite
the world's view.
If we are united with God we will take a stand showing the
world the hope we have.
Be consistent in sharing and telling the world Jesus saves and
loves you.