Hitting A Home Run
by turtle

Watcing a ten year old hit hs first home run is exciting. Especially
when no ne believed he could do it. The pitcher throws the ball and
he swings and misses. Then the pitcher throws the ball again and
he miss a second time. People begin to call the kid names, begins
to say he really doesnt' have it. He is a phoney bolgnie. Then he
chokes up on that bat again. And gets ready to swing. The pitcher
throws the ball for the last time. And bingo it is a hit. Smack leaving
the bat going across the field, up and over the wall.

That how we Christians feel when we know we hit that home run for
God. We feel that that home run is what it is all about. Sometimes
we are like the first to swats, but when we find our aim, we hit it all
the way home. Standing for Jesus the author and finisher of my faith.