Family Treasure

by turtle

The riches treasure anyone can ever gain is the knowledge of who Jesus is. You
can take out a will and pass your belongings down, but you can not pass one
faith down. You might pass down treasure of the word, the traditions of your
faith, but one can not pass down faith. Faith is something individual. Faith is
something that really can not be taught by man. You lead a horse to water but
you can not make him drink.

Each person must decide for themselves if they will accept Jesus by faith.
Accepting by faith is an individual choice. In the old Jewish and other religions
you were born into that society that made you one of them. True faith like
Abraham had was what God required even in the old testament. It was not just
about obeying laws of God but believing in God. So it is in the Christian world.
Many assume because you are born into a particular group that makes you
saved. No it does not. I use to say I was baptist. I am a born again Christian, but I
did not know what being part of a group was about. We label ourselves where
we go to church, but that does not make us part of a group.

Christianity is not about church membership. If that was so everyone in a church
building would be saved. It is  about accepting Christ into one's own heart.
Believing by faith. Accepting the promises of God. The gift of salvation and the
gift of the Holy Spirit. We praise God in our life for all that He provides. Putting
Him first and formost above all else.

Are you part of a denomination or are you a part of the family of God? Are you a
joint heir? A child of God? Or are you playing religious games and doing the
rituals of religion. Only you can look at what you yourself believe. It is an
individual choice.