Wish book
by turtle

Do you remember the big wish books that would come in the mail
once a year to your house. And all year you would look at the
pages and dream big dreams of having the one item you really
wanted for Christmas. Today I got one thin little wish book and
decide I wanted it all. Only problem is I can not afford it, like I could
not way back when. Glancing through the book and dreaming
reminded me of those days gone by, looking at the toy catalog,
children's fancy dream book. Oh how I look and look for two
months trying to decide what I ask santa for and then I wonder if I
would really get it.

Childhood dreams are just that dreams of a better tomorrow. With
wish of hope of a something we want. Yet as a Christian we have a
hope of tomorrow, a hope of street of gold that we hold on to so
dear. And as Christmas in a few months appears we will know
Christ is the gift that gives all year.

by turtle