Ring The Liberty Bell


I was doing some research today on the Liberty Bell to find out why it was cracked so
many years ago. Well there were many legends to the reason why it was cracked,
but I wonder if the makers of the bell did not realize that liberty had not yet been for
all people. Yet has time has changed liberty has too. Liberty has become part of our
society for all people. Yet some still want to quench our liberty. Yet they fail to realize
when anyone lose their liberty all lose. That is why rules are in place to protect our

Setting an eagle free if it comes back it was yours, if it soars and never returns do
not think it does not love you, instead rejoice that it soar above the clouds, because
if you hunt it down and kill it, you lost one of the most beautiful sites you ever seen.
An eagle taking to the wind and soaring to new heights. Just because it soars does
not mean it forgot the one that set it free.