Storms Will Blow

by Christina Farris not for sale or copy

As the storm to the south is fast approaching land I am reminded of the images of
Katrina, tornados of the Midwest, earthquakes of California, Japan, and the Middle East,
tsunami of Japan, Asia and the little Island of the Pacific above Australia, the fires of the
Midwest, Australia, California, and not least my own state with floods, hurricanes,
tornadoes, earthquakes and blizzards. All in the past twenty years I have watched on the
news, heard on the radio, behind the pulpit and on the streets the talk of all the disasters
taking place in our world. Yet never in the last five to ten years had there been so much
devastation. Even destruction in my own town.

Disaster should be the new dirty word of America but disasters on small scale happens
everyday. Even though my state been hit, we been fortunate it been less damage then
other regions. Yet when one think of all that transpired in the passed ten years, people
have been able to pick up and carry on mending their lives back together. In some ways it
like a second chance, an eraser of the past, and moving forward to whatever lays ahead.
Things not able to be changed or be reversed.

Did you find God in the storm in your life, or was He present but absent from thought.
Those that prayed do you know God heard. Those who waited for news from loved ones
do you know God heard? If the storms is about God’s wrath what was the sin you
committed, if the storm is a way testimony of how to show love and mercy to others are
you? The question is still the same. What does this storms mean to you? God part of the

We might not be able to change the heart of anyone but ourselves, but how we react can
be either with love and faith, or hate, and anger towards God. It easy to write but harder
to live. Yet with strength only God can give, can any of us really live this life when
disaster strikes. Some might like to say they did all on their own, but it only with hand
extended of others in love, many would not have had clothes, shoes, food and more. The
reassuring hug of a stranger that says it will be alright in time, to much in this life to live