Watching Kids Grow Up
by turtle

Watching kids grow up is hard to imagine them being so little. I got to enjoy seeing each
of my nieces and nephew grow up in my locale area. But the one's I do not see much I
see through family photo's. It hard to believe they are all growing up in leaps and
bounds. Some first first walking, to some first born. Sometimes one forgets how small
they are when they are born and how little they are before their first birthday. You
remember them from the last time you saw them. From the injustice of losing a state
competition over a technicality or a family dinner. From the last trip home and you
expect them to still be the same size though pictures tell you differently.

Watching the kids grow up is one way of how God has blessed me living where I do. For
growing up with dad in ministry I did not have those luxuries being the youngest. Yet
even I knew as a child we went to where we were suppose to be. God never makes
mistakes where you live. Each experience is unique and a growing time. Whether you
love the place you live or not.

Never loose your dream of all that you can be. Never loose your hope of who you want
to be. And never loose your faith in Jesus hold on for He is the way to our eternal home.