Memorial Day
by turtle

Some people wonder how some can go to war. How some can fight and kill
people. I do not think this is an easy decision. That why some choose to fight
in other ways, by helping the wounded and helping the family of those heal.

I think many have forgotten why we fight and why we stand proud. I be honest
I do not want to see one individual life lost. I would hate to see one person
die because of war. Most feel this way no matter who they are. War tears
family and friends apart. It divides people and sometimes even destroy lives.

One must consider several things. If a terrorist walks into a crowd with a
bomb strapped to them and kills not only themselves but those around is that
right. They climb on buses, trains, planes and go in stores, in houses, and
hotels. They kill there own people as well has our own. That is what we fight
against. A terrorist is a terrorist if they want to destroy lives and not protect
the lives of innocent people. I do not agree with all I see in the world, but I do
understand that sometimes to kill is to protect and yet I would never agree to
it, if I know about. See I am for a right to life. A right for freedom. And a right
to bare arms against terror.

I stop and gave some change to the vets the other day. I told them to give
the poppy to someone. I do not know if they did, but I hope if they did they
told them why they stand so tall and so brave. See our Veterians need to be
remembered. At one time church and state were not separate. They need to
be separated. If one controls the other you get dictatorship. On controlling
party is the one that is best at shooting, but in a free society it is ruled by the
popular vote. But if you have separation of church and state you have the
ability to govern the land with allowing individuals freedom to believe the way
they want to. See you can not change the heart of someone. YOu might
make it bleed but you can not hurt the person.

Thank you Soldiers and Veterians for standing tall and brave against the
enemy of terror through out all generation, but most of all Thank you God for
instructing men and women to be so brave God is in charge.Jesus is Lord.
He loves you. Just turn to him today.