When I was a little girl one of my favorite times in my life was going to my
grandparents home. My Granddaddy and Granny at dinner time or anytime
really would share stories of the family or the latest jokes they had heard.
They always seem to have excelent memory. One of my favorite stories is
told on my Uncle.

My grandfather being a minister had his own office in the church. My uncle
at the age of about ten was always into mischief. He was in the church with
a deck of cards no less playing solitary while my granddad was out doing
something else. My Uncle wasn't suppose to own even a deck of cards or
have them much less in the church and knew if he got caught with them he
be in trouble. My uncle heard his dad coming down the hall whistling.
Quickly he hid the cards in the baptizmo robe hanging on the back of the
door and quickly grabbed a book off the shelf to make it seem he was

Coming through the door, my grandfather said "oh what a good boy you
are studying hard I see. Put the book up and go get in your mom's car so
we can go to the baptism in a few minutes. My uncle of course gets
nervouse but realizing nothing he can do but obey his father does what he
is told to do. They all arrive at the baptism. Granddad begins to wade out
into the water. Slow the cards begin to come out of his pocket. My uncle
mom looks horrified and says Jay you better get in the water and help your

With that my uncle replied, "Ace, King, Queen, Jack, with a hand like that
he doesn't need any help."
Cards in Church
Author turtle30c In memory of Granddad