9-11 Memorial
(by turtle30c)

Let us as a nation bow our heads in a
time of silent pray, as we reflect on the
memories of the tragedy that day. The
lost of fellow americans, who were
fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunt,
uncles and cousins that died that day.
The tower that fell had no discrimination
except for those who sought to kill. And
though the majority was americans we
lost some allies as well.
The war on terror did begin and will
truely never end, because as long as evil
men arise the threat will never end.
As long as  there are men and women
that will here the battle call to fight for
freedom and not give in, freedom will
always win.
May God's desire to see us all live in
peace and love be what will ring in
american hearts on 9-11 day. Let it not
be a sad day but a day to stand our
ground that independence is in our land
and we plan not to let our enemy win.

author turtle30c

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