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Father's Instructions

Daily Devotions: by Christina Farris

Proverbs 1:8 KJV
(8) My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

The teaching of our children came from both father and mother. Teaching how to live and walk in godly fashion. Men have the ability to teach their sons how to be men in the menís world and to treat women. We all have to learn to respect one another starting first in the home and going forth into society. A child not taught or in rebellion will show little respect for instruction from either mother or father.

My own father taking time to instructed me how to use tools properly in the garage. Yet there were tools like saw or an electric drill were forbidden to touch. Dad didnít mind me using the old tools seldom used like a hand drill or piece of sandpaper. Yet I probably could tell you how to saw a piece of wood, even to how to hold the saw. I was one of those kids and still am today dangerous with an electrical tool. Let us not forget the instruction on how to behave in church, at the restaurant and school. The instructions to listen to your teacher and do not bring and F home from school. Fatherís give those lectures and yet also say mind your mom.

There are fatherís to be feared, and then there are fatherís who are to lenient to understand that the child seeks them first so they can tell mother, father said I can. Yet is the father that takes the time to be both lenient and enforce of their wives rules that tend to learn the wisdom of their wives in certain areas. Yet men and women are both working and raising their children in todayís world might see this Proverb old fashion. Living in a modern world where men find themselves being at home dadís and only parent leads men learning how to teach their kids from a motherís perspective. Those men that choose to be interactive with their kids and every part of their discipline from brushing teeth, to tying shoes learn that it is truly a 24 hour teaching schedule.

When think of my dad, I often think of him, when I help with any household project or building that requires reading instructions. I can my dad say you need to read those instructions first. Okay I will but they just do not make any since at times. As you work through each instruction one learns it all will work out. Fatherís instructions are always for a purpose. Our Heavenly Father gives instructions to and tell us how we ought to live. He teaches us spiritual truths. He teaches our hearts how to listen to His Spirit when we obey Him. He teaches us the value of his instructions if we only listen. Just like earthly fatherís that are good role models, we have to learn to listen.

Dear Heavenly Father thank your for good Fatherís that teach good instructions. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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