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Time Of Christ: God's Doting

Daily Devotions: by Christina Farris

John 3:16 KJV
(16) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Doting of God seems like an old word but it is fitting for the word love here. God had a great fondness for mankind. His love came unconditionally because we were His creation, but it Is more then being created by God that caused his love for us, but he had a fondness or a like for us. As the princess pulled baby Moses out of the basket she found herself in love with Moses. She had a fondness for him that caused her to protect him. God set things into motion into the world yet doing so these things in motion were preset before man. Yet some things of nature occur without the preset of Godís creations but by His will on mankind when evil prevails out of control. Scientifically no one wants to test the how far evil can go before God destroys. Yet Godís compassion began when he looked over his handiwork on the Sabbath.

God created us in His likeness. He created us as scientists try and create robots in our likeness, yet they fail when it comes to be able to give a robot a soul. Even if compassionate words can be created for certain words like funeral, wedding, heartbreak and few more the computer will never had the human quality of a soul. Perhaps man need to create a being like itself is for survival sake, thinking man will now perhaps destroy themselves in one since and not understanding of eternal life through belief in Godís Son Jesus and God. Man without thinking has a need to create something that will deliver packages by robotic arm, to the porch. Yet no one can rationalize the impact of delivery by drones, or the impact of technology on the world. Down sizing the need for human delivery and human error now passed on the slave robotic technology. A technology created has no feelings or need of a day off. Yet the need for giant fly swatter might be sooner then the world thinks. Why because it also enables drug traffickers to get a hold of such technology.

Has the human need to work or enslave their creation been because of love for the robot of course not, it only for the selfish reason of making more money faster and quicker with faster deliveries and freeing up the wide world of traffic on the interstates and cities. Those who once thought video games a waste of time now will say yeah look what I get to drive everyday and not run into the wall of a house or apartment building. Yet there will be no compassion behind the technology used it is all about greed and safer deliveries or objects dropped from the sky as if they were stork delivering a baby.

I might be taking a little creative licensing with talking about technology but there is point. God did not create us to be robots or even machines. He created us to be alive with love for Him and others. God loved us that He was willing to sacrifice his laws if we believe only then turning around to write them on our hearts by His Spirit upon faith. God has tenderness for his creation especially us humans. He cares about us beyond our practical ability to serve Him. He loved us enough to give us a soul and life beyond the working for Him by caring for his creation.

The robot industry will never match Godís creative force of creating robotic need for interaction with other like themselves. Human force has a need for communication with each other. Lighting the load and cause less injuries of daily living by deliveries of cardboard boxes through the air. Robots perhaps created to lighten the load but also to lighten human error. There is no tenderness toward a machine except the human attachment to things that can be replaced. God does not look at the human race as being replaceable, He desires us to all know Him. He desires a relationship with His creation. More then just hello hope you enjoy your computer surfing today type of thing. He desires to know our likes and dislikes. God desires to make our world better if we will only ask Him. Sometimes what we ask God says the timing not now. If we can accept the no answers we can cheer for the golden hour of the yes answers.

God so loved us that He sent His Son that no matter who believed would inherit eternal life. Yet where we spend eternity is based on belief and reception of His Son, His Word. It Is a Hard choice to receive. The robotic industry can not love and can not give eternal life, but it sure can soon be dropping bombs on our heads in the form of our desires called a whim we can buy be brought to your door. No thought in waiting anymore. Yet with God He knows timing is only half the battle. God has tenderness for us. He desires to help us in life by direction and open doors. Doors that are best for each of us. God love and mercy came first through His Son. A Son that was obedient to the cross, despite manís rejection, with the ability to forgive man and to rise again to offer us eternal life.

Dear Heavenly Father has the world turn inside up over technology may your Word continue to penetrate our lives once more to reality of who you are. Helping daily with cracks in our faith that lead to unbelief. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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