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turtle30cshell Daily Devotions
A Personal Share

Daily Devotions: by Christina Farris

After eleven years of writing my faith has not changed in the fact I serve a risen Savior. I think the most difficult part of writing daily, is to give totally to God daily that yearning to sleep in on those mornings the pillow feels just right. That morning when getting up is not the issue or grabbing something cold to drink before turning my computer on, but the attitude and thoughts of humanity that stretch into a life time of knowledge. When faith is in opposition to human knowledge, yet human knowledge wants to contradict faith. Faith is more then human recurrence of facts that if one plus one is two then one plus two must be three. Faith is beyond human logic. To write without faith is lubricous in itself. It defines us to have to believe beyond our own knowledge at times. If I have faith I must take the humanity equation out of the belief process and say Lord I believe, but help me keep my faith out of human factors of disbelief and human control.

If I believe in miracle and God provides should I argue with is it humanly possible or not? Why should we not think God provision can not come in earthly sources, if God created then the source of healing is within our world. Finding the tonic that will work might be an issue. Science wrestle with finding cures all the time, and yet the study of science begins with each scientist that only as knowledge of others before them and their own dabblings of test tubes and beaker experiments. If God does a miracle that comes from only faith in Him, then can we deny His power. If God gives a miracle before the realization of the reason for the miracle in a scientific way is it still not a miracle. The odds of the none scientist healing themselves from stopping of using of certain things in their life and eating of certain foods, without human knowledge of value still a miracle. The odds of one in a million reasons things improved a patient over all health. A miracle by God instruction or miracle through prayer and common sense. Only God knows the answer and science would say there is a reason without faith. Believers would say there is a reason with faith.

Faith is defined in Hebrew 11 as evidence of things not seen but is hoped for. Miracles are things hoped for and obtained. Miracles come without evidence of ability. A diagnois of no cure does not mean there is not a cure. Yet finding the cure might not be seeable for all if a miracle occurs. Yet the observation of changes in lifestyle and diet can be proof of more then just a miracle.

Faith is more then just scientific evidence, but faith is based on what can not be controlled by science. It is a heart knowledge and a head knowledge that God is real and Jesus is real, and the Holy Spirit is real. Heart knowledge can not be defined by science, only head knowledge can. Where your heart when it comes to faith. Is it in God.

Dear Heavenly Father may our hearts be what motivates our faith and our head knowledge only evidence of your mercy. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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