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Do You Want To Runaway

Daily Devotions: by Christina Farris

Psalms 139:7-8 KJV
(7) Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?
(8) If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.

Where can one run to from God? Wherever God is not, I am sure one is not going to find anything of God there but the chains God created for the devil and his angels. Yes there is place called hell and the eternal lake of fire. A spiritual place, yet not a place God has not been too. Its easy to claim God creating heaven and earth, because these to areas have so many good things in them. Only corrupted by human sin. Hell is the effect of human sin called punishment for eternity, yet hell is brought up for a moment of judgment and thrown into the lake of fire.

Where can one go from Godís Spirit? Jonah tried to out run God by going to Nineveh. One can not go to Nineveh. Jacob ran from his family and perhaps God, only to find Godís hand in his life with bounty of livestock, wives and children. Adam and Eve hide in the bush of the Garden of Eden only to be found by God. David hide from Saul but could not hide from the hand of God on his life. The anointing of God to be the King of Israel perhaps even keeping him from killing Saul when opportunity arose. David found himself seeped in sin and could not run away from the called of repentance or judgment. Men and women in the New Testament bowed before Jesus beginning for forgiveness, mercy and healing.

One can not escape the power of God and His Spirit. Whether in church or on the city street the hour of conviction is the hour of repentance. One finds themselves in torment, one often finds God. Get in a car accident that causes pain you will either curse God or cry unto him for mercy. Survive accident from falling off a cliff or almost a drowning, you will find God. Survive a house fire and you will find God for a moment anyway. Survive flood and you know the hand of God. Tonight as water poured from the skies of the town in which I live, I sure someone was wondering how high that water was going to get. Even West Virginia has had to deal with flooding beyond normal portions for the area. Nine inches of rain the last flood does not sound like a lot, until you realize that it is in hill country and know it not the hills that are suffering beyond a rock slide, it is the valley below the hill that is suffering. The natural underground springs fill up and pour down along with visible springs. What you get is muck of mud that never ends and inches of water deep as a river, stream or higher. No one thinks much of nine inches of snow but melt it off in a day you will have the same effect. Yet to add injury to it all, there is the strip mining going on besides mining underneath the ground. Strip mining is the removal of top soil which causes mud slides. My area been fortune enough not to be like West Virginia in regards to strip mining, but areas of Virginia has done that. It would not be bad if all the upper level was rock, but it is not. Poor people in the lower areas, suffer at the hands of the rich playing God with their mining, yet it needed for jobs. People in hell tonight, but of earth making. People in hell tonight because of loss of life if they knew not God.

Our region lush with beauty and only in torment if to much rain or to little rain. Yet if we do not have rain, the valleys below are in drought as well or headed that way. The other day seen a baby bear on the mountain, no clue where itís mother was, but my husband and I both agreed, we did not need to find out. One swipe of the claws of the bear would be utter torment. David felt the sting of claws of wild animals that he battle with. I do not doubt that has he saved a sheep, or that he thank the Lord for agility to slay a bear or lion, yet felt the sting of pain at time, as claws slashed through his skin.

One has to ask if David knew pain, he also knew the healing balm of the Lord. A warrior not afraid of giants or the enemy that wished him harm. He learned how to fight in the sheep fields of his father. The king wanted to give him armor and all he needed was a sling, but found the value of armor as he learned to fight like a king.

What type of hell are you in. One of earthly human making or making of God. Better consider if the hell you are in is being used for understanding the suffering of man, or your own punishment. If it is for your punishment what is your guilt, repent and move forward. If it is to help the suffering of another ask the Lord for endurance for this trial.

God will never leave or forsake you, He sent His Son to prove his desire to love us, because we would not receive the human messengers he sent. Nor did we receive his Son on first hearing, instead the world crucified him. Yet God sent His Spirit on those who had listened called the apostles to demonstrate his love for man despite the cross, of human torment and earthly hell, to descend into the chambers of darkness to grab the key from the devil in a place designed by God, to have victory over sin and death. God did not stop loving us when He sent His Spirit upon the disciples and the people of faith whether Jew or Gentile upon belief in God and Christ Jesus.

Where can one go from Godís Spirit. He knows the entry way to every world he ever created. He knows what beyond the doors and gate of earth, and hell, and lives in heaven/paradise. He not crazy to not desire earth or hell, but he made a place for those that did not do his will, or desire it. Yet if we pass the trials of faith in this life, we see the heaven doors of paradise welcomed to us. No more suffering because we learned to listen to God and his plans. To follow His instruction in this life. Yet most of all we learn faith and believing in God.

Dear Heavenly Father where can I go from you that you do not know? It not heaven or hell and definitely not this earth. May your mercy be upon my life as I trust in you. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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