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Whose Got The Map?

Daily Devotions: by Christina Farris

Matthew 11:28-30 KJV
(28) Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
(29) Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
(30) For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Whose got the map? Ever go on vacation only discover the map you had drawn and marked is not gone and all you got is a road atlas, with no marks, and a lot of busy streets and highways to try and decipher. That is what a GPX and a Google map thing is for, to solve all the headaches of lost maps. Yet a lost cell phone, or other techno gadget will only bring the same headache of no map to follow. Our rope memory is being replaced by technology and old age. Follow the map and you will supposedly get there, but occasionally there appears a road that does not match in the destination because of some detour due to road hazards. No human map is full proof. Yet Jesus has the map to eternal life through faith in him. The luggage is light to get to heaven, but the distance you may walk on earth might be long. Jesus traveled many places with the disciples by foot and not by donkey or horse. Not even wagon/cart seems to be ridden. Yet he rode a ship and a boat. If you live in the country the idea of walking miles to get to the nearest town seems insane in the modern world of cars, and trucks. If you live in the city the idea of walking is more convenient unless you have to go across town. Jesus speaks of his yoke being light but what he speaking of is not the physical journey, but the spiritual journey with God His Father.

Jesus carries the map to his Father, the map being to the cross to bear the price of sin for all humanity, doing the will of God. That yoke alone seems not so easy carried; in fact Simeon of Cyrene helped carry the cross for Jesus on the road to Calvary. The burden of sacrificing oneís life might not sound like easy task, but Jesus had a help unseen by human eye, it was the Spirit of God compelling and lifting up his load. There are loads in life that is impossible to carry in the flesh, but not by Godís Spirit. The Human flesh of Christ could not carry the cross to Calvary.

Many rock stars and legends of our day have died at their own hand especially in recent years. Not being able to carry their burden in life with all the gold they earned. Not able to carry the pain in life had dealt them. Some dying with no faith and yet know the hymns better then those in the pew. We ask why are these folks dying to leave this world. In truth only they know the answer. Part of living life is fighting through all the headaches to old age. To learning to stand even when the world is dumping everything on top of you as the fans desire every minute of information of your life. If people would seek Jesus they way they sought information about stars and musicians of our time, the world would be a lot happier and lot more knowledgeable about the yoke of Christ.

Jesus yoke was the crowd gathering around him in ministry, having discourse with leaders that did not always agree with him, and walking long distances just to heal someone while the crowd gathers around. Teaching long hours, and yet knowing that one-day those he taught would shout crucify. His burden is light because of who He is as the Son of God. He rested in knowing that one day He would sit in the heavenlies. He rested because of knowing God the Father loved Him. He rested because of the journey was short in ministry, only three years. Spiritually speaking Jesus represents the jailor that set the captives free by bearing the yoke God had placed on His shoulders as salvation to the world. A yoke not carried by the human flesh by the Spirit of God who was in our Savior and was our Savior.

Jesus enables us to carry our burdens in life, that we do not have to give up, we do not have to worry about the load we must pick up, he comes right besides us and pulls the cart so to speak and carries the load giving us strength to do His will. Jesus will not put anything on you that He himself will not be willing to carry for you, especially on days when climbing out of bed is only half the battle. His road map for your life is written on your heart, so you know how to follow Him to heaven through faith in Him. He knows our needs both physical and spiritual. He knows how to lift us up and put us in our place. He knows how to bring us to our knees and how to help us run and not grow weary. He showed us that He understood we were only human flesh that why He gave us His Spirit to walk the journey of our lives.

Freedom is knowing when the load is heavy or when one has no set direction, God already has the map of where we are going. He knows the course and direction we must go to be successful and we do not have to worry about the luggage to get there. Even people with money might be able to buy people to carry their load, but they still have to carry the load of life of those who do not show up for work. They have to deal with burden of lost wages to their employment, and the cost of time. They replace people like dimes and nickels, never carrying their workers burden, beyond what they pay or donate in emergency. God cares beyond the nine to five job, He is on your team 24/7. He knows your need and knows the workload you can handle and what you not able to do physically, but His strength is available to do His will in your life.

Freedom is not always freedom from a partner in life, but having someone carry what you cannot. Freedom is taking on a task because you desire it, not because you have too. Freedom is love that enables one to do the will of God and to help your fellow man. Knowing the reward might not be in this life, but it will be in heaven. By following Jesus He makes you a joint heir with Him. A believer is a joint heir of the things that are to come. Our home is promised to us as followers of Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for our freedom knowing you carry our burdens in life, so when we cannot you carry them for us. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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