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turtle30cshell Daily Devotions
The Walk Without A Partner

Daily Devotions: by Christina Farris

Amos 3:1-11 KJV
(1) Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying,
(2) You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.
(3) Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
(4) Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his den, if he have taken nothing?
(5) Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him? shall one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all?
(6) Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?
(7) Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
(8) The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?
(9) Publish in the palaces at Ashdod, and in the palaces in the land of Egypt, and say, Assemble yourselves upon the mountains of Samaria, and behold the great tumults in the midst thereof, and the oppressed in the midst thereof.
(10) For they know not to do right, saith the LORD, who store up violence and robbery in their palaces.
(11) Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; An adversary there shall be even round about the land; and he shall bring down thy strength from thee, and thy palaces shall be spoiled.

Walking without a partner is like walking a team of horses individually instead of together. Take a military force and everyone marching to a different drummer not all well land up together in one accord in a march. Israel had sinned and was going in exile. Yet Israel at one time had been blessed by the Lord. Israel walked with God until they began to go in separate directions. Idols of other countries began to liter their country. It all began when Solomon began to marry women of other lands and did not force them to worship His God, or did he marry them that agree with his faith, but chose wives that would eventually lead him to his own whoredom against God. Idolatry will take you further then you want to go. God is able to keep you heart from whoredom if you will do two things walk in his ways and trust in Jesus.

A person can not walk with God if he knows not Godís ways? Relationships do not start with everyone in perfect step with each other. Military trains people to walk in step with each other. The other day I was watching exercise class online and this women was out of step with her class. Yet the aerobic dance continue without a problem other then that one person being out of sink of the rest. To have a relationship with God requires us to get intuned to his walk. To get intuned with Christ walk. To get intuned by reading of Godís word to know him. We can walk by the Spirit of God without picking up our Bibles, but without direction from God himself you soon will be out of tune with him. Without talking to the one you are suppose to be instep with it is leading a blind person without being connect to a walking stick, another person or knowledge of their surroundings.. The blind person will be directly off course without some direction. A team of horse without proper gear to connect them will soon be walking in opposite direction. If we want to walk with God we need to be saved by his salvation plan. We need to know the power of Godís word. To know the value of following Godís word so we will not stray from it.

Israel had strayed, but Israel would not repent so God was giving them the ruler of their heart. The ruler that followed the desires of his heart as well as well as a ruler who bowed to idols. We can not bow to idols, we can only walk in the footsteps of Jesus. God called us to follow His Son. To follow His Son whether present in the flesh or present by the Spirit of the Word of God of prophesy. If you are going to walk hand and hand with Jesus you need to put on your salvation boots first and allow the lamp light of God direct your footsteps. It is not to late to begin to follow in Christ footsteps. Yet the older you get the harder it will be to get intuned to the word of God. Read your Bible daily to grow in Christ. To know what Godís word actually says. To know the value of that relationship by His Spirit is about.

Dear Heavenly Father teach us to following the footsteps of Jesus despite the world around us not always following the ways of Christ. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Continual Scripture Study for Devotion:2 Corinthians 6:14-18 KJV
(14) Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
(15) And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
(16) And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
(17) Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
(18) And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

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