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School Is Just Around the Corner
by Christina Farris 7/31/2015

Ecclesiastes 12:12 KJV
And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 KJV
(11) And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you;
(12) That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing.

As children, teens and adults return to school and the middle or end of the month. I am reminded of a few verse that speak of studying and how the scripture encourages to read many books, and to study, yet also warns that it can become tiring if you study to much. Yet to be fruitful you need to study and to apply what you learn, so you will not be a workman that is ashamed of the enability to work.

2 Timothy 2:15 KJV
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Foster Care
by Christina Farris 7/31/2015

Foster care is issue dear to my heart always has been since I was young. Though I can honestly say I never knew that probably every school I attended had kids that were foster care. After all some kids live with relatives and others have no one but who are transplanted in the lives of another family who had a heart to help. Adopted right into the family as if they belong, though there is always an adjustment period for every child. Even with good foster families children often feel abandonment, and alone, in truth sometimes they have to take care of themselves. At eighteen some kids are forced into the world without hope. Yet they are talented and full of potential. Those that can get into college and do, have at least one foot in door of the potential of hopefully a steady job. Yet the struggle of adults that were in foster care can land up on the streets without a home, or even a place to go.

How can you add a child or teen to your family call your local social services. Every state is a little different. But every child needs a home. You feel you have room and a heart to love consider looking into helping a child without a home. America let work hard not leave one child or person without a family after all we all put our shoes on one foot at a time Children need a home and lots of love.

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Kick Off To Football Season
by Christina Farris 8/15/2015

As schools prepare to go back our nations passtime of sports in our schools prepare to take on this years challenges. To the Class of 2016 playing season year may the best Team win. After all without competition one never learns the art of sportsmenship or learning one can not always win nor loose. With that I say good luck to all those schools that play that one rivalry game for fun good luck and may the battle stay on the playing field.

Puzzle are on the Fun Stuff page. More coming
Imitation Fruit
by Christina Farris 8/21/2015

As Tomatoes slowly ripen, to bring forth edible fruite so does each born again Christian bring forth fruit to be gather and eaten. What does this mean. Love, peace, joy, faith and so forth are contagious even to the world not with faith. It is like something that people want to grab a hold of even if they do not want God. It like a contagious epidemic of wanting to be like the jones without the knowledge of God. It like a contagent of needing to be like the jones but only with that imitation of love. It is that imitation that is not the real Mccoy. Yet it is imitation that is better then evil. For God's word even in imitation form enables many to forgive and to love despite the lack of the love's author and finisher. Yet if they only knew that author was a real being called God, they would understand how much more it is to have the love of God in their heart. It is the ability to love and forgive beyond one's own ability.

Another problem with imitation love is it never matures and ripens to full stage of being able to love God back and receive His blessing of eternal life through His Son. The blessing of eternal hope. The blessing of a place called paradise to come. Only a place of hell and torment awaits those that choose imitation love. Imitation love is that love that is to be imitated like the jones but only be of man made design. It is the outward display of fakery and not the real love of honesty and reality. It is the imitation copy cat of its okay to hug a person you do not even like with a smile, yet all the while saysing to yourself do I have to really hug this person that I do not even like. Yet without the fakery one never learns what real love is. And when the real love is found through faith in Christ Jesus, that hug becomes bless you with love in the heart.

Family Life Education and Christian Teaching Their Children
by Christina Farris 7/31/2015 editted for grammer 8/15/2015

Family life Education Course In Virginia is a planned course from K-12 it sole purpose is to help educate the student of appropiate and inappropiate behaviors in life especially because of the hazards and potential of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct as well as information about human developement and abstinatence. The main reason I posting this information today about this program is so many people have the misconception that this program is evil. Though it teaches gender identity and gender choices, I have to ask would you not rather have you children knowing what is sexual abuse and misconduct or would you want them to learn it by mistake. Sexual predator exist,even in christian schools and public schools and society. The knowledge only will enable your children to remain safer but not out of harms way. Also community involvement is taught. How to get involved in the world around you.

The marching to the school house rules and marching to society rules can sound like a military camp, but I am pretty sure that schools have not changed so much from when I was in them. After all I watch and see my nieces and nephew maturing as they go through school, and learning dos and do nots of school and home life. I can only imagine they are getting a better education then what I did. Yet the threats of bad teaching and bad instruction will always exist. Getting the wrong leaders and educators you know not the responsibility of teaching by the books they are given is always a problem.

Yet the greatest danger to our society is the absent of God. The absents of educating our children not about sexuality but about God. Most do not realize that the Pledge of Allegiences is not standarized across the USA. Not all states pledge to one nation under God. With this in mind the division of faith and country exist instead of uniting us. Yet some might wonder what faith are they. Our nation though still called a christian nation perhaps because of its love for others, has to now ask what God do they serve. They are working on removal of the Ten Commandments across our nation. The swearing in on our Bible has little value to some. Yet the swearing to uphold the law without God is like trying to uphold truth with out everyone in agreement that truth is a form of God.

The standard of truth and judgment measured by our laws, only without God is only making our children never to know the fundamentals of where our laws come from. Without the origin of laws and how they developed no new laws or improvements to bad laws will ever take place without a measuring stick of right and wrong. Though education and knowledge is suppose to mean freedom it stiffled with where and how did these things develope. After all if the origin of man is taught by science and historical perspective with no ability to reproduce such scientific proof by evidence still existing in our world today, then we need to think again. When scripture is studied it needs to be looked at from our laws today and laws back then. How society has changed for the betterment hopefully. How it is possible to repeat cultural errors in society again. How God law of love and liberity triumphs over the law of evil every time. Yet it takes years to develope.

The life education course was not developed over night and it changes as our laws change. If you not happy about something being taught in school then fight hard to not allow sinful laws to pass concerning sexuality and morality. After all if every citizen can make influence that change our laws then we have to stand up and say something is wrong or right. Most of us leave the issues of the law to our government officials only to complain about it the next week. Yet there those that will take the complaints of the people and run with them if they are spoken about enough. It soon will reach the ears of the law makers and decision makers.

The problem with society is that not all agree with what truth is. Not all believe God's word is truth. Without a standard of truth then crime rages in our land. Some even justifying a kangeroo court without a hearing or a public legal trial. Can a mixed up society of many groups of people decide that one group of laws is what establishes our just and truth. Probably never will for someone will still speed and someone will continue to take paperclips from the office and so forth. The establishment of laws. The stablishment of education is to bring our children into the knowledge of society. To help them function in a world of disfunctional life styles usually caused by circumstances some by abuse and some by just simple living around many types of people.

Parents if your children are in school just be aware of what they are being taught. Stand up when you disagree and let the law be your measuring tool for the world's standards. After all does pink hair really effect a child's learning or a tshirt. Only if intolerance and acceptance in public life is never taught, yet not everything is healthy for the mind and not everything is healthy for the soul. That where christian parents you step up to the plate and explain why certain society laws do not fit into Christian world. Yet those laws are usually individual laws. Not laws that will cost you in life, but cause you to have a standard that allows others leniency that does not agree with your standard. Most would agree it means tolerance in general.

Is tolerance in society evil, it can be, for it can allow evil to rise. What does it mean, it means freedom to choose with the power to say no things that will allow evil to rise. Life education course might not go into all the things I have stated but Educators, I and parents with religious and social issues that disagree need to teach either tolerance or to fight for what they want by the laws of our land. If they loose, they need to teach how to stand again, and how to bow to the opponent not in agreement but in respect to differences. If as religious parents you never teach your children your values they will never know your view. However let them make and form their own opinion with the knowledge that is God given of two views one of the world and one religious or social view. God has always given the choice, can you give your kids a choice to obey your rules and obey at the minimum law of the land. Can you teach your children the principals of God in a world that leaving God out. After all as Christian parents and Christians leaders it is your responsibility to teach and instruct your children and to enable them to be able to live in this worldly society with God and Jesus walking by the Spirit.

If Christian society continue to move there children to private institution instead of sending to public school two things will continue to happen and that is the rise of the devil in public square, because simply put without godly people influencing our public schools our schools are only learning what other free thinkers think without God. Unless Christians remain to fight to not only share their faith by demonstrating it with love for others, the world will continue to loose the language of godly people and loose the light of God in their circles that need God. There is a time to preach and a time to just demonstrate the gifts and talents God has blessed his people with. What better place but in a public school where faith sharing is frowned on, and prayer and the Bible is no longer welcome.

Man Instruction about God and God's Instruction To Man
by Christina Farris 8/15/2015

As school year fast approaches and some already back in school, I have to wonder has anyone consider how much time our children are in school verses the time that children spend in religious training or teaching. How much time does our world have to spend on the things of God. I think of Isaac in the field mediating when in his wife showed up. Talking to God seemed like a normal occurrence in scripture, yet with each thought and breath of man toward asking God why or God appearing from no where to instruct or to guide man with promises they themselves might never see occur,yet man continue to communicated with God.

Abraham was warned that his children in the future would be taken into exile only to be realized 400 years later. He would not see this event.

Hezekiah was warned of his mistake that would cost the people in the future being exiled.

Moses was to lead to the promise land but would never get to venture in. His body laid to rest inside the promise land, but he only got to look over into it, yet Moses appears to talked to God almost everyday, or everyday of his walking life toward the promise land.

Gideon seemed to have only a job appointed by God for a season and then got to go about living on in life, much like Noah, who instruction was building an ark and then repopulating the earth and people wonder why Noah got drunk.

Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Samson's mother, and Hannah had prophecy spoken to them of having children. Yet their job of having children seemed impossible. There goaled of having children impossible because of barrenness or not having a lover yet. Yet the only thing we know about these women were their righteousness and faithfulness to God. These woman pleasing God enought to be chosen to carry a special child that would effect the nation of Israel.

Though all these people of God in scripture seemed to have a relationship with God was it a constantly 24/7 or just obeying the willing of God and offering the sacrifice of praise on their lips. The instruction of praise to the Gentile speaks of something perhaps only something religious Jews did. The training of the words of Praise taught by the Spirit of God or instructed by religious leaders? Something important to keeping on focus on the things of God. As a child I loved to sing the songs I learned in church. Yet as I began to think how many secular songs did I know, I realized that mimicing what we know is part of learning. What we feed our brain is what we know, but what God's Spirit feeds us is also what we know if we chose to listen to God. One can train a child in the things of God so He will not depart from them when he is old, but at some point those things has to take on a Holy Spirit education as Christ being Lord and the Holy Spirit being the teacher for it to have any real or lasting value.

You can teach a child science, how to work with his hand or even how to type, but until these things become more then just a tool of how to, but thinking beyond the instruction to improve, and/ to use instinct that are not provided in instruction, then it is not a talent. If I play a piano without feel for the music I am just a robot. If a doctor plays with test tubes all day, but never get to common sense, or instinct that something besides his test tube, because the results might be wrong he will never be a good doctor, he will only be what his equipment says. Anyone can learn to crochet but not everyone can take a needle and shape anything they please. Anyone can learn to build a car, but it takes a craftsmen to learn to think beyond the pattern of the design of a car to improve it and make it work.

God wants to take our faith beyond the religious books of the Bible and make it part of our nature of who we are. Not by long hours of education, but by learning to walk by His Spirit. If we will allow our children to learn the value of the Bible, and learn the importance of faith beyond the Bible, we will then see our children grow and develope spiritually as God wants them too and not how we alone teach them. Religious instruction is only as good as the faith that is behind it, for both those receiving religious instruction and the teacher.

Nuclear In Iran Commentary
by Christina Farris 8/21/2015

Giving anyone nuclear energy seems like a riduculous idea. I mean it does not have to be Iran, it could of been Iraq. Have we forgotten our nation history with Iran to the point that we forget flags were burned in the city streets of Iran during the seventies. Do we forget the rallies of hate speech in the city streets that we willing give them technology that could blast the world to smitherenes. I have to think about this long and hard. The technology is for water plants that use nuclear energy and medical technology like radiation that supposely improve technology and science. Yet Russia nuclear plant is a prime example of how dangerous these facilities can be. Let's say no nuclear energy, nuclear bombs and nuclear medicine. Not to all three. What about effects of earthquakes and other natural storms where these facilites can be effected. Japan is just one example of a plant in trouble when a major earthquake happened.

There is a point to all this and one we might not like, but the truth of the matter is the more people working on keeping this technogoly safe, the safer it hopefully will be. Technology of how to keep nuclear facilities for nuclear energy safe without leaks, how to prevent its destruction, how to prevent against storms. Things will happen in our future that will change technology. Will this be one technology that will have abandon buildings and supplies? The world does not know the answer to that until they explore newer technology. Yet until safer technology is developed this is all we have, is this nuclear medicine, nuclear water plants, nuclear energy and a highway of technology deaths in the wake. Someone has to die for the name of science, yet does it have to be in the masses, or in the forefront of not enough caustion, not enough knowledge. Is it like giving Indians small pox blankets and alcohol, or is it the wave of the future of peace. Americans have been using this technology for years. So what the big deal, is it our handme downs. I hope not, because if was, Iran is getting the short end of the stick of technology that is still very dangerous no matter if it is used for good betterment of humanity. The truth of matter this technology can be changed to make nuclear weapons, which is an evil of our day and time.