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Thanksgiving Blessings
by Christina Farris

Turkey that pardon is truly a blessed bird. The best blessed is the person that is pardon because of God's grace and the gift of his Son. Are you pardon from your sins?

Bucket List

by Christina Farris

1. Be Thankful
2. Be Loving
3. Be Caring
4. Be Joyful
5. Be Kind
6. Be Longsuffering
7.Be Peaceful project.
8. Be Gentle
9. Be Faithful
10. Be Filled With God's Holy Spirit

The Fruits Of The Season
by Christina Farris

The production of the fruit of the Spirit has begun as the season of thankfulness and gift giving has begun. The memories of helping hands and hard work produced a harvest of the first thanksgiving in America. May the hearts of believers in Christ remember the time in scripture of thanksgiving of harvest. That the sacrifice of praise was to be on our lips, along with sacrifice of items for those in need. To share with those in need the love God and Christ Jesus.

May you be produces of God's Marvelous grace.
God Bless you,
Management of turtle30cshell.


Veterans Day
by Christina Farris

We are reminded not of one world but 2 and in retrospect three wars if count the world fight on terrorism. As middle east including Israel state (1945), and Palestine (2014) state deal with attacks of Hamas once more, we can not forget that unified force against terror will win and peace to a degree will reign. As long as peace talks continue, the word will spread even amomg terrorist that there agenda is at a loss. We might think the last fronteer is outerspace but it every section of the world that does not work toward the protection and freedom of a people, with the same human desire, will always be new fronteer of hope.

We can all agree to disagree until it infringes on another right, we fail to see our own desire to believe, to have freedom of speech, the freedon of the press, right to bear arms to protect our freedom and the right to pursue happiness.

Our soldiers, our nation men and women both aid workers, protectors of freedom and protectors of our land. They die fighting for what is right, come home to a world that will never be the same. To people that wait to hopefully to hold them again. If they can not be held no more, they are bury to be remember that their life was a sacrificed for our freedom. Fighting the good fight of freedom for all.

Veteran Day remember not just Americans but all that have fought and worked with our nation in the fight for freedom.

May God bless our Veterans and soldiers of today.