Praise The Lord

Just praise the Lord. After a long two weeks my bathroom got remodeled. Our shower broke in the winter and we did a patch job that had to be repaired. If all goes will this summer I will be posting on my .com site.

Let us celebrate the lives that fought for our land in the USA as well as the protection of those on foreign land. Let not forget Memorial Day. Let’s remember the price of both eternity and freedom. Christ paid the price for our sin. Military died for earthly freedom to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Easter Thoughts on the book of Mark

Sharing my thoughts on Easter. I did not to finish yet the preaching on Mark recorded and I still plan too. As I think humanity plainly seen in Mark I read the finale chapters of Christ death and resurrection and can not go beyond the conversion of the writer’s of Mark’s own conversion. He goes from Christ crucifixion to the power God grants all believers to share the good news and signs and wonders will follow all true believers. Yet knowing signs follow believers with miracles through the power of God. Miracles never come from the believers themselves but the power of God. Don’t look to the believer for your miracle look to Jesus Christ my Lord. If you see God’s Grace working in my life maybe you can grab hold of the hem of Christ garment for your healing by faith. For my life I know God’s hand even when I fail him daily. For He protected me when I was hit by train, took me through illness even when lack of a cure was really known. He took a life of extreme pain for 8 years and 14 years of total pain filled life. This I know was God’s grace a sinner saved by God’s grace. God power in my life to give me hope in times of trouble, sorrow and heart ache.

The last reminder God gave me is lay any anger down and keep going on in life. A precious gift to Grant someone else forgiveness when you really like to seek revenge. God’s grace to carry one through. I can pray and seek to know God’s grace so I can live a life of grace towards so they can see Christ in me. Happy Resurrection Day/ Easter.

Faith Back Roads

Looking at a real map the first time in twenty years. Google mapping so much more convient and yet with simple direction ate people really looking where they are going? Or is the direction written out a diversion to teal map enthusiast? I for one use interstate not think of the old road. Are we taking the interstate in life or following the old road of faith?

Faith back roads May seem long and winding but they still get you there. Interstate driving May get you there quicker but are you ready to get to the destination that much faster. People taking the high roads in life May find themselves not doing it God’s way. That not safe way. Living by faith not by sight is God’s way those using the interstate is looking for the quickest way of what they can see.
By Christina Farris 2/26/2018

Update: still broke down

I am writing my viewers to tell them I am sorry I have not been able to full fill my commitment to write for God’s glory every day this past year. However maybe God in his wisdom knew I need some time off. Getting out in the yard. Walking ten miles. Going out with my husband. Yes my computer is broke down but God has blessed me. And yeah I even lost some weight. Plus there plenty on my site as well as others that I don’t worry what God is doing or will do in your life and mine.

Happy 2018!!

As I finish the New Year out, I can not help with waiting anticipation what 2018 will bring. Already making plans for next year and 2018 has not even yet arrived. Only a few more hours I see. The point God planned Christ arrival many years ago to arrive on time. Yet my plans could be short lived because of the human factor. Christ will return as God plans and not as man continues to conjure his arrival and can not. May our awareness of who God is be stronger this year then last. May truth reign in our hearts and minds this year and years to come. Have a Happy and blessed 2018.

Computer still broken. But plenty here still to read. Hope you don’t mind reruns


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Also on Christmas section on this biog. I will not be doing more until I get my computer fixed. Cell phone is impossible to type on anything long due to eyes problems. However God has blessed me with some need time off. Christmas is about the birth of Christ. It has always been special to me whether there is stuff under a Christmas tree or not. Time of year to think of God’s blessings. In the Bible study section there is a Daily Devotion called the 25 days of God’s gift giving. It is one I greatly enjoy doing a few years back. Consider going to main site and then Bible study section there. It is not on the biog. Your on this biog if you are reading this.

May the joy of Christmas reign in your heart and mind.
Hope you have a blessed Christmas celebrate Christ birth.
Manager and adminstrator,
Christina Farris

Testimony Time Reflection Back

27 years ago I was head to the bank at 7:30-8 and planned to grocery shop and Christmas shopping when I was hit by a train. Ice had been completely cleared from the windshield, back glass and all four side Windows. Lost the best ice scrapper I ever had. Lost a good pair of glasses, fuzzy dice, bumper sticker I liked. My high school tassel, a miniature unicorn and my car. I was still intact. Everyone said I was lucky. But luck had nothing to do with it. Jesus was with me. Some miracles are like the number of stars in the sky like birth and provision And then some miracles are like an eclipse or a comet. An event the supersedes daily miracles. If blessed, one can not take God’s mercy for granite. Daily walking with God takes years of practice. Being saved through Christ Jesus for eternity from sin is the eclipse and the beginning point of change.

Remembering Those In Need

Please remember the less fortunate this thanksgiving. If you can give a little and if not say a prayer. There’s many soup kitchens, and mission around the world and at home need of a helping hand, a donation and prayer. People with need of work or helping hand. Send a little love to them if you can. Happy Thanksgiving.


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Christina Farris

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving