Why preach or teach online the Gospel (facebook post I wrote)

YOu never know who you reach in online ministry. I proud of the churches that are willing to step out in faith. Fact is some weeks might not be many and other weeks a lot. It not how many it someone being reached, and truth online ministry you do not know unless they echo in agreement by the Spirit back. Lesson for the echo of God to come back. It maybe in quality, quanity and sometimes mockery. Mockery means someone was listening that had nothing better to do and chose to listen but something got to them too. One just can’t see it yet. Be patience those ministers trying it for the first time, don’t give up. It hard thing to do. Church people encourage your church in ministry. Why? Will it like this there people outside your church that can’t get to your church because they work on Sunday. Consider that one person that needs Christ that can’t be in your church just might be willing to listen to a church tape they can stop at any point of time, or listen to the whole thing. Ministry is never about how popular you are, but how God moves in the heart of hearer and speaker.

by Christina Farris


President passing of time

As the nation begins to wrap up mourning for President Bush, I see the snow quickly disappearing and remaining for more snow to come. Each season of our nation is mark by our nation ‘s presidents which is only the simple reminders of a legend of his day finally coming to rest. As I look at the screen door as it fogs up, my desire to draw on it, only to reminded myself of fingers prints I must clean off if I do. President Bush has left his mark that can only be erased by a treasonist act on history, but not future. Any failings will be mended by future generation and all victories by our history to improve our nation and world. Let us learn from both. Rest in peace President George W Bush.

Testimony Time Reflection Back

27 years ago I was head to the bank at 7:30-8 and planned to grocery shop and Christmas shopping when I was hit by a train. Ice had been completely cleared from the windshield, back glass and all four side Windows. Lost the best ice scrapper I ever had. Lost a good pair of glasses, fuzzy dice, bumper sticker I liked. My high school tassel, a miniature unicorn and my car. I was still intact. Everyone said I was lucky. But luck had nothing to do with it. Jesus was with me. Some miracles are like the number of stars in the sky like birth and provision And then some miracles are like an eclipse or a comet. An event the supersedes daily miracles. If blessed, one can not take God’s mercy for granite. Daily walking with God takes years of practice. Being saved through Christ Jesus for eternity from sin is the eclipse and the beginning point of change.

2017 911 Reminder

By Christina Farris 9/11/2017


To many of us have hurricane Irma and Harvey on are mind to think about 911 days gone by. Yet the day is as terrible as it was before as those suffer from these past two storms. Two by God and one by man. Yet in truth God love is flowing in the storm through out stretch hands with experience that no longer say judgment but act of scientific nature of a continual cycle around the globe. May God’s love abound today.

Unicorns are not a myth, The Runaway

Scripture mentions Unicorns. Yet most believe they are not real. However consider the unicorn might of been another creature not seen our world today and not a pony with a horn. Probably Auroch a wild bull. Yet few know of these verses in scripture.  In truth no matter what there were unicorns sometime in the world life.

Job 39:9-10
(9) Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?
(10) Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow? or will he harrow the valleys after thee?

Michigan County School district Is Having to Change How They Hire their Chief In There Schools

Posted Originally at turtle30cshell.com
commentary by Christina Farris 3/5/2015

Article in the Washington post states A county In Michigan School district because of the ACLU is having to change their qualification from strong Christian leadership to non discriminatory based on religion. What if there is no one in that district that disagrees with those qualifications should the ACLU be allowed to but in. In truth it angers me to a point, yet at the same time, I know it is to protect future generation of those living in that county in Michigan if religion of that area ever changes. Yet does it hurt for an area that disagrees to require certain religious values if they teach tolerance of faith otherwise? I think sometimes our nation needs to ask why are these prefenses important to both parties in a situation. For More information click here.

Bloody Sunday Remembered by our President

commentary by Christina Farris Posted I think On March 8 2015 main site turtle30cshell.com

Yahoo News reports on President Obama reflects on the age of four at the March in Selma across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in Alabama, Obama might of been four, but I was not even born yet and probably not thought of by either of my parents at the time this march took place. Yet the racial tention of this day is only a reflection on our nation history of the struggle any group of people to rise above oppression can have.It is not a black issue,though in 1965 it was a black issue. It should not be remember as over coming of race but a fight for all people knocked down, put down, and strive to over come in this world. A group of people having a choice to either be about their particular heart ache or be a world class leader over discrimination. To see the bigger issue of survival for a purpose.

One might ask what is the reason for our nation to see a group of people overcoming, but to remind us we all have things in life to overcome. We all have battles. Discrimination has no place black, white, hispanic, oriental, American Indian, and so forth in our nation.A reflection on a people that desire and fought for change. only to see after forty years later the result of reaching the top in the political field and many other fields due to hard work through the legal system. What are those results, to have the issue of racism peak to say we have a lot more places yet to win the racial battle, never recognizing that the battle is not about race, but overcoming obstacles in life. I am white. And when I look at history of those oppressed by whites I do feel sorrow, because without white suffrage movement it would of been a different type of war that would have eventually come. To reflect only on black leaders and not both black and white, it becomes once again a segregated mess, angering whites and others alike. Instead of shouting together as one united force in our country with no bigotry lines.

Tention in the south is not new to any southern state in the union, but a part of life that for some seem more like a dead issue and for others that marched and the fight still a wound.Click Here on the article for Bloody Sunday by Yahoo.

President and Mrs. Obama Remarks as Parents on remembering Selma.

by Christina Farris  3/9/2015 roughly the date. might of been sunday

If you are a parent despite race think about what if it had been your children marching for liberty. None of us think about the children that marched, only view the bigger leaders because they begin the March. But it is the children of the generation of the march that are most effect. It is those people that in leadership and positions today not ever thought possible.

This video reflects on our Presidents and Michele Obama comments has they take their own girls across that bridge.

Historical Faces Of Women On Money

Historical Faces Of Women On Money
by Christina Farris 3/5/2015

Article in the Washington Post states a women’s group is wanting to change the face on the twenty dollar bill, Andrew Jackson, because he took Indian land. However, what women are on U.S. Currency: Susan B. Anthony, woman sufferage movement is on the One dollar coin, along with Sacagawea, an indian woman who helped Lewis and Clark was on the gold dollar coin, let us not forget the disable/capable Helen Keller a blind and deaf woman was place on the reversed side of the Alabama state quarter and the most famous first lady Marth Washington was on the USA One dollar bill and the US stamp.

It is not that women have not been on American currency, it is just the men out number the women. I know nothing about this group that want to change the twenty dollar bill. However for more information about woman wanting to change the twenty dollar bill to createt more knowledge of women that have helped shape our American history, check it out by clicking here. However in all truth no matter whose face is on the bill it is still spent the same way.


President Prayer Speech:

Freedom of Religion expressed in this speech by a believer. Trying to control a person thoughts is not of God.



I like to state that those in opposition of different faith will not agree with all President Obama says, However I have respect for people different then me, even though I may strongly disagree at times. I just know that if one is going to witness to someone it is easier to teach by action and not always with a knife to the throat. It is easier to find compassion outside of war. There is time to fight and time to put the guns away. It is when abuse of terrorism is the issue. People respond better to love then hate.  President has a hard job to respect the rights of others, yet wanting to express his views of faith has well. Yet this is a inter faith meeting. Sometimes the only way to discuss the positive things that is sacred to all people. Our nation represents many people who have agreed to lay their arms down and respect the rights of others.