Those People

Those people that come into your life but perhaps once but leave a mark on you. Make you feel special and they dont know you. Maybe just passing by to spread a little joy or cheer. Those people that came by and brighten your day and yet only a stranger in the passing of time. Some how sensed that need for a soft words of encouragement. Who they really are no one knows but they come as if God planted them there. By Christina Farris

Faith Back Roads

Looking at a real map the first time in twenty years. Google mapping so much more convient and yet with simple direction ate people really looking where they are going? Or is the direction written out a diversion to teal map enthusiast? I for one use interstate not think of the old road. Are we taking the interstate in life or following the old road of faith?

Faith back roads May seem long and winding but they still get you there. Interstate driving May get you there quicker but are you ready to get to the destination that much faster. People taking the high roads in life May find themselves not doing it God’s way. That not safe way. Living by faith not by sight is God’s way those using the interstate is looking for the quickest way of what they can see.
By Christina Farris 2/26/2018

Testimony Time Reflection Back

27 years ago I was head to the bank at 7:30-8 and planned to grocery shop and Christmas shopping when I was hit by a train. Ice had been completely cleared from the windshield, back glass and all four side Windows. Lost the best ice scrapper I ever had. Lost a good pair of glasses, fuzzy dice, bumper sticker I liked. My high school tassel, a miniature unicorn and my car. I was still intact. Everyone said I was lucky. But luck had nothing to do with it. Jesus was with me. Some miracles are like the number of stars in the sky like birth and provision And then some miracles are like an eclipse or a comet. An event the supersedes daily miracles. If blessed, one can not take God’s mercy for granite. Daily walking with God takes years of practice. Being saved through Christ Jesus for eternity from sin is the eclipse and the beginning point of change.


Updates areĀ on the home page on main site.. Hope page will be carrying some news articles hopefully on issues that are discussed in the devotionals and other places. New stuff coming. I know I been saying this for quite a while, but I had needed time off. I took the time so I could press on in my goals here.

As far as cancer reoccurring last test came out clear. So I continue to press on for Jesus. This race has a few pot holes along the way, but with Christ in charge the wind will blow the sails of the ship in the right direction. Pressing on.

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Jesus Cares For You!!

I keep telling myself I need to write more spend more time on social media and well I keep saying it, but there always a but in that sentence. You know it winter, most of us that spend our days at home, spend time in front of their Ipod, computers, laptops or some machine that takes them online. They spend a few moments with friends, but do they spend that same amount with God. Well one way to spend equal time with God is through fellowship with other believers. Sharing anything from joys and sorrows in the Lord, to what one did last week, or last trip they took. Or just a time of sharing they to go through life with all the same headaches as the world, hopefully just a little more calm and a little more peaceful knowing God will handle it all. Have you given all your cares to Jesus today? He cares for you and he will spend the day with you. I know because since I was six Jesus has been there. Even when I made mistakes. He never left, yet I do not doubt He shed some tears, because of actions and words. When you think about God and you realize how much He loves us despite our mistakes and wrongs, then God become more of a friend. Because true friendship has to accept the other mistakes as well as each other good points. Jesus though He corrects our mistakes, He forgives when we ask. He forgives when we fail to ask. He there right beside us all the way tell we see Him in Heaven.May His Spirit guide and direct you today.

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