Why preach or teach online the Gospel (facebook post I wrote)

YOu never know who you reach in online ministry. I proud of the churches that are willing to step out in faith. Fact is some weeks might not be many and other weeks a lot. It not how many it someone being reached, and truth online ministry you do not know unless they echo in agreement by the Spirit back. Lesson for the echo of God to come back. It maybe in quality, quanity and sometimes mockery. Mockery means someone was listening that had nothing better to do and chose to listen but something got to them too. One just can’t see it yet. Be patience those ministers trying it for the first time, don’t give up. It hard thing to do. Church people encourage your church in ministry. Why? Will it like this there people outside your church that can’t get to your church because they work on Sunday. Consider that one person that needs Christ that can’t be in your church just might be willing to listen to a church tape they can stop at any point of time, or listen to the whole thing. Ministry is never about how popular you are, but how God moves in the heart of hearer and speaker.

by Christina Farris


Those People

Those people that come into your life but perhaps once but leave a mark on you. Make you feel special and they dont know you. Maybe just passing by to spread a little joy or cheer. Those people that came by and brighten your day and yet only a stranger in the passing of time. Some how sensed that need for a soft words of encouragement. Who they really are no one knows but they come as if God planted them there. By Christina Farris

Faith Back Roads

Looking at a real map the first time in twenty years. Google mapping so much more convient and yet with simple direction ate people really looking where they are going? Or is the direction written out a diversion to teal map enthusiast? I for one use interstate not think of the old road. Are we taking the interstate in life or following the old road of faith?

Faith back roads May seem long and winding but they still get you there. Interstate driving May get you there quicker but are you ready to get to the destination that much faster. People taking the high roads in life May find themselves not doing it God’s way. That not safe way. Living by faith not by sight is God’s way those using the interstate is looking for the quickest way of what they can see.
By Christina Farris 2/26/2018

Testimony Time Reflection Back

27 years ago I was head to the bank at 7:30-8 and planned to grocery shop and Christmas shopping when I was hit by a train. Ice had been completely cleared from the windshield, back glass and all four side Windows. Lost the best ice scrapper I ever had. Lost a good pair of glasses, fuzzy dice, bumper sticker I liked. My high school tassel, a miniature unicorn and my car. I was still intact. Everyone said I was lucky. But luck had nothing to do with it. Jesus was with me. Some miracles are like the number of stars in the sky like birth and provision And then some miracles are like an eclipse or a comet. An event the supersedes daily miracles. If blessed, one can not take God’s mercy for granite. Daily walking with God takes years of practice. Being saved through Christ Jesus for eternity from sin is the eclipse and the beginning point of change.

2017 911 Reminder

By Christina Farris 9/11/2017


To many of us have hurricane Irma and Harvey on are mind to think about 911 days gone by. Yet the day is as terrible as it was before as those suffer from these past two storms. Two by God and one by man. Yet in truth God love is flowing in the storm through out stretch hands with experience that no longer say judgment but act of scientific nature of a continual cycle around the globe. May God’s love abound today.

Turtle30c Thoughts for Today: From A Couch Cushion

by Christina Farris 3/4/2015

My thoughts today are reflection of the world we live in behind a computer desk or office. It is easy to get closed in from the world from behind a desktop or laptop computer. Media is great, but it does not get one out to be more adventurest.Until one gets beyond the couch cushion you can not see the rest of the world. Techno gadgets, Ipods, Ipads, cellphones and so forth are shaping the way people consume information. Only to find that they are carrying that screen they rely on to text and message without communicating in person anymore. In fact unless you get beyond the couch you find yourself in a bubble of texting, and media with flashing lights and images that are superficial of human life that created them. Only one solution, leave the couch and go beyond the front door at the mail box.Leave the machine at home except for emergency situations, and do not use this technology unless it going to save gas by picking up that loaf of toast at the store, or save the child you forgot.

Turtle30c Thoughts for Today: Be Content In How God Is Molding You

by Christina Farris 3/4/2015

My thoughts today is on how greatly God’s word molds and shapes our lives into what He wants us to be and not who we necessarily dream of being.Yet God’s molding is always perfect. I guarantee we will fit the clay mold God built for only each one of us. There will not be another you, nor another me. There is only one Savior whose name is Jesus

Turtle30c Thoughts for Today


Lent (Tradition of Christ Forty Days of Fasting: Concentration on God’s Mercy, Repentance to God, Healing, as well as Prayer)

by Christina Farris
I grew up In a Christian home, that did not practice but two religious holidays a year. Easter and Christmas were our main focus and all the rest were heard about on television by way of the News, but seldom discussed in the home. I happen to think of all these tradition I have been having to learn to keep up with other groups of Christians as far as traditions, and still find myself lacking. So brothers and sisters in Christ, I humbly ask your forgiveness. Because simply put some of these traditions really need to be highlighting as far as focusing on our faith on a daily bases. There is something about traditions that helps one stay focus, but is those same traditions that can cause legalism. Whether or not you are a traditionalist, legalistic and faithful at the heart to Christ, or just focusing on your faith without legalism, consider why you do so. If it takes time from you true faith in God then consider removing the stumbling block but if it enhances your individual faith then look forward to each tradition.

Challenge Today What Are You Salting and Peppering On Social Media

by Christina Farris

This morning as I sit and look through google+ I am so reminded how faith is salted and peppered through out the day by some of us whether we see it or not. What I mean is there is time we have to think and concentrate on God even if it is only for a moment and other times our concentration is on the task at hand. Flipping through google+ stream is just a sweet reminder how in the world we see many things some godly and some not. Yet our responses often characterize who we are as believers and non believers. May you be blessed abundantly today as you treasure the things of God that will last throughout the ages to come.


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