President passing of time

As the nation begins to wrap up mourning for President Bush, I see the snow quickly disappearing and remaining for more snow to come. Each season of our nation is mark by our nation ‘s presidents which is only the simple reminders of a legend of his day finally coming to rest. As I look at the screen door as it fogs up, my desire to draw on it, only to reminded myself of fingers prints I must clean off if I do. President Bush has left his mark that can only be erased by a treasonist act on history, but not future. Any failings will be mended by future generation and all victories by our history to improve our nation and world. Let us learn from both. Rest in peace President George W Bush.

Not Forgotten, but to different Time periods in my life.

To my friend Karen R as you left us on 1/16/2017, may you RIP. A long time family friend who family camped and growing up. Many years had come and gone since I seen her. Yet the memories of camping and being at her house playing with her girls still linger in my heart and mind. Marvin, Natalie, and Susan, God bless you. and will be keeping you in prayer as you celebrate her life as well as grieve over the loss. May God be with you in the many days and weeks ahead.

One of my fellow classmates has passed BJ Stringer Schiefier Class of 87. As one more classmate passes it only a sweet reminder of life and death and death and life. I wish i had more time to know her. Connected on facebook. Shared homeroom with her. And will remember has one of the beautiful people inside and a believer. May you RIP. To BJ family sorry we have not meet, but I appreciate your willingness to share with her passing.

Two funerals both young people

To Robert Buchanan, and your family, Kenny and I are praying as you grieve over the loss of your young son, Tyler Jordan Buchanan. Full of life and full of hope. RIP: January 6,2017.

To the Giberson family, and step brother to  my husband cousins, we are sorry to hear of this untimely death. Kenny and I are praying. RIP: Daniel Scott Giberson  Jr.January 8, 2017

Michelle Juel Evans

Husband Danny Evans,  The children of Michelle: Angela, and Sarah, and step children lDanny, and Marcy, I send my heart felt condolences to you all at the passing of Michelle. A woman of business and hard work. May you RIP Michelle Juel Evans. May God’s comforting hand be upon the family at this time of lost.

The Passing Of Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

At the passing of Former Nancy Reagan I am called to my own childhood memories of seeing out first lady by the side of her husband. A family of noble charm, that knew how to wow to the crowd with love and affection of years and training from Hollywood. The stardom of those years brought hope and compassion our nation needed at the time. They served in the eighties. The most noted thing for me probably was the war on drugs just say no campaign. I was only in my teens then. When I think back on those hears of images from faithful news teams around the globe and across our nation. The images of Reagans were seen as people of compassion for the USA.

The fear that gripped our nation as news of President Reagan was shot left us with the question what will Nancy do if President Reagan died and what will our nation do. Yet with the passing of her husband she continue living her life expected of the wife of former president. Caring for family and friends. Mrs Nancy Reagan may you rest in peace. My heart goes out to the family and friends. of Mrs. Nancy Reagan, prayers to you all.


Christina Farris 3/08/2016

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

By the way we need to keep the family of the supreme court and our nation in prayer, we lost a judge over the weekend. They already trying to figure who might replace him and don’t even give the family a moment to grieve I sure the court sessions will continue whether the replacement comes right now or later. However if it was presidents office it be immediately. Presidents off they say is a dime a dozen job in replacement, yet in truth it is the most noted position in office. It sad that replacement can be that quick. If you loose your job replacement if usually quick, why because the show must go on with or without you. Yet your family and friends will grieve for a time unless you really a pest, then well, they will celebrate you demise.
RIP: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Marie Eastridge Former Classmate

To the family of Marie I will be keeping your family in prayer as I remember a girl of yesteryear in high school that love life and laughter. For the joy she shared of her life and family online with her friends. Some people a person only knows for a  season and see a glimpse of a person life as a fly on the wall. Yet I know she loved to cook and loved her precious little girl. So proud a mom could be with pictures that spoke a thousand words of the joy of having a child. No doubt in mind from pictures seen her husband loved his wife and she loved him. Their faith assured and whole standing on the word of God for everything in life. A church family that will miss her leaving comments of her passing. Free Will Baptist, you lost a treasure but for heaven gained. Maria with those pearly gates swung open wide, so you can meet the Savior. May you rest in the arms of Jesus. 1/26/2016



Sam Hood Carpenter Passed away on December 4, 2015 by Christina Farris

To Hattie Hood and family,

I can not say enough in words to express how I feel at the loss of your Sam. He was a friend to all he meet and showed more kindness then most. He carried a hammer and help build my house without asking for a thing in return. He hammered, sawed and advised on more then one occasion on the construction of the house. He worked long hours on a  house he knew was much needed for a couple that was not his kin. He made do with what we had to build with. Yes that house just might not of gotten built with out Sam, my dad and the rest of the family that pitched in.

Sam may you rest in peace in heaven. May God comfort you family and your friends at this hour of grief during the Christmas season. I do not doubt in heaven you are helping build a few of them mansions. However the nails never run out and the hammers are better then electric, and the screw drivers always stick to the screwdriver and go automatically in. The wood supply never runs thin.

Lena Winfrey

To the passing of a friend, who had much love and care for her family, and others including her church. A woman that loved to cook for family and friends. Who served as a cook for her church. No one ever left Lena house hungry, if you did, it was your own fault. Mrs. Winfrey you will be missed, but your home is now in heaven. I do not doubt by now you found the kitchen in heaven and put anything out of order in order and having a cup of coffee or tea with family and friends. RIP

by Christina Farris 10/9/2015