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Lent (Tradition of Christ Forty Days of Fasting: Concentration on God’s Mercy, Repentance to God, Healing, as well as Prayer)

by Christina Farris
I grew up In a Christian home, that did not practice but two religious holidays a year. Easter and Christmas were our main focus and all the rest were heard about on television by way of the News, but seldom discussed in the home. I happen to think of all these tradition I have been having to learn to keep up with other groups of Christians as far as traditions, and still find myself lacking. So brothers and sisters in Christ, I humbly ask your forgiveness. Because simply put some of these traditions really need to be highlighting as far as focusing on our faith on a daily bases. There is something about traditions that helps one stay focus, but is those same traditions that can cause legalism. Whether or not you are a traditionalist, legalistic and faithful at the heart to Christ, or just focusing on your faith without legalism, consider why you do so. If it takes time from you true faith in God then consider removing the stumbling block but if it enhances your individual faith then look forward to each tradition.

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