Black History Month

Black History Month
A Call For Change
To Universalize The

by: christina farris (last
edited 2/5/2015)

Black History Month
is a month of reflection
of how our nation was
shaped by slavery,
freedom, and spirituality.
Black America gave us the
old Negro spirituals. In
truth some are still sung
by many different groups

African Americans are
not the only ones to be
enslaved in history. Every
nation has own or had
slaves at onetime or
another. Yet what needed
is a focus on what people
can continue to do to
prevent those who
will oppress another
person. Speaking out only
works if you can prove the
issue.Many kids are
bullied, many adults are
abused, and many people
stand up and say No More.
The question is not about
are you going to protect a
race of people but are you
going to protect all of
humanity even when you

by: christina farris (last
edited 2/5/2015)

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