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turtle30cshell Daily Devotions For July 31, 2021
Next Week

Daily Devotions:
by Christina Farris

Next Month
by Christina Farris

This is the last day of the month of July, it is the first time, my mind as been still in a long time. So still, I think to myself, Lord is this the end of my writing for a while, and the answer is no, but it is time for a short break which I will return later this week. It is good to rest once in awhile. but it the first time, I felt the need to rest. God is good. And what I saying is take time to spend with God today. Visit a stream, pond, a lake or ocean. Spend time outside if possible with love one's, friends and so forth. Take time to be still and know who God is in your heart and mind. Rest in the beauty of God's creation. If in hospital, or can't leave your house for some reason, you must be reading this online, so consider flipping through You tube or other sites that have live nature scenic views and enjoy them. Go to the Grand canyon by video, desert, or a near by park that has video and enjoy seeing God's beauty. Take in what his hands have made. Take a look at yourself and see what God has done in your life to enhance and create a new person through His Son Jesus. If you not saved read how today by pushing one of the how to be saved buttons. Truth is we all need to rest from time to time. If God grants a rest day take it, because what coming is hard work. God not done yet, unless he send Christ to come get us, so rest assure there plenty of work in the days ahead.

This week take time to either follow my biog on this site or visit my face book page click follow to see when the next devotion begins. It be later this week.


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