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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Muddy Boots
by Christina Farris

When I was drawing this picture of boots I began to think about my husband muddy boots as he come in the door on more then one occassion and I would have to clean up the mess. His boots would be covered with mud from a hard day of work. His boots being priceless because they were steel toes, and had to protect his feet for whatever was in his work area that might harm him. Not every day did he return muddy, but on those he did, those toe steel boots were life saver, whether jack hammering rock, or digging hole, just simply walking through the woods, or climbing a ladder, those boots took him everywhere propelled by the feet within it. Salvation is like those boots. God's word if you put it on your feet first and allow it to guide your steps in life you learn it will protect you. However as dusty and as muddy as the road gets the boots and shoes of salvation must be cleaned and sterilized for the work ahead.

God's word is a lamp unto thy feet and light unto thy path. Without the light of the word of God the feet have no clear direction and the pathway of faith is unseeable. Without the shoes the light might be present and feet without shoes will not keep your feet safe from broken glass, needle on the road, or falling rocks in the pathway. It will not keep your feet safe from stubbing a toe, or keep them clean from dust from the trail. We need to receive Christ into our hearts first and put on the shoes of salvation and decided to follow in the pathway and light of Jesus(the Word of God). Christ salvation as our light protects not only heart but the pathway we go in. It does mean we do not stumble from time to time, or fail to follow the correct path, because alone the road of faith comes many trials not of God but of the devil and God's enemies. What it means is the light of Christ is present we choose how we walk whether we step over the stumbling stone, or fall, whether we get pricked by the spear of the devil, or if we use the shield of faith to reflect them. Whether we walk on broken glass with salvation on, or even go around it depends on your footwear. Footwear of faith one is able to crush the enemy called Satan. Boots of faith have soles that even in mud will keep your feet inside safe and warm.

Let us remember the word is a light unto thy feet and light unto thy path and put them and keep them for your protection all through the day.

Sleighing Story
by Christina Farris

Many years ago as I listen to old timer tell of the parties long gone from our area, of sleigh riding from the top of the highest hill, with fire going and bake potatoes roasting. Everyone in the neighborhood came out to climb the hill with their new sleigh. Everyone wondering which sleigh would be the best. The one like a space saucer, the one that built with wood, the one bought at the local five and dime, the one created by unfolding a cardboard box, laundry basket or the trash bag. Then you had those fancy sleigh bought through the Sear and Roebuck Catalogue. Those were the days long gone and not forgotten by the elders. A time when family and friends were more important then computers and latest in technology. Kids were kids and adults well if young at heart joined in the festivities. Songs around the campfire, and warm hot drink keep the body warm. Yet it is the tale of rich and poor trying to decide who sleigh will win the race. Believe it or not it was not always the heavy sleigh for some sleights you had to work a grove or track for it to go down first for it to go rhough deep snow. Where a flat bottom sleigh, laundry basket or the trash bag worked without a track, just climb aboard and slide down the hill. Let us not leave the old tire that was used for a swing in summer.

This winter as we all have a little cabin fever if you able to get out about do something you enjoy. Gather with friends, with your church, organization and do something to change the course of how winter is in hibernation with hot drink. Keep your elders in watching from a window. Or keep their pathway clear so they can join you in the fun. Visit and let the elders tell you what fun they had in winter, you will learn something about them and the way things were. Nothing wrong with way things were, we live in age of change and constant change, but people in reality are the same they get up, they dress, they go about their business and go to bed. However truth there more then desktop computer but sharing with each other, caring about one another, and loving one another. It about sharing the love God in times of festivity. Having fun, caring is part of Christian love. Leaving no one out that wants to have fun. Keep Christ at the center of the activity with at the minimum a prayer. Devotion and a song could be added in too. Share the love this winter. Watch a movie with someone, play a board game, get out there and just let someone know you care. Winter is a long season sometimes. When it long it helps get each other through until spring when the world comes out to see the new life coming forth from the plants, the animals and humanity. God creation is beautiful despite the weather.

Six Days Into 2023
by Christina Farris 1/05/2023

How many had a rough Christmas and how many had a rough start to the New Year 2023. As I reflect on New Year my biggest concern was my gas heater, refrigator and my glass frames to hold my lens in my glasses(ear piece broke). My concern was not whether I have a roof over my head or food in my belly. My concern was on little things we often take for granite when everything else is okay. Most people we can live without heat if we got to, the refrigator too, if we had too, but glasses become a part of a person ability to see. At 2 below the heater is essential for survival but still not necessary to live. Bundling up and extra clothes is key. I was fortunate that the stove died later. It survived the cold spill for a day, til warmer weather. Refrigation as long as their ice will keep food cold, without you only have can goods. Trust me I going somewhere with this.

There people on the street that have no refrigation, no heat but perhaps a warm fire at the most, and then perhaps only a blanket and coat to keep warm. How much can you carry without a good backpack(military strong). How sturdy is a trash bag though it might keep things dry if it does not tear. I concerned about my needs, and think of homeless, those in shelters and those completely without for whatever reason, what do they need but the love of God coming through his people, by open door of a warm place to sleep, warm clothes, warm blanket, warm food and hot drink in this cold weather. A place to share their story, a place that help bring restoration to their life.

This 2023 if you can do something to help please do. There still people in this cold weather needing help. It might not be you or me, but it someone out there in need of help 2023. Continue to press on and share the love of God not just with words but with action.

May have a blessed 2023 Management/administrator Christina Farris