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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
18 Years Still Going Strong
by Christina Farris

This has been one challenging year to write at times. And today and last month no different. It throught he challenge I learn more about who I am as an independent writer, wife, pet owner, and photographer, teacher and perhaps a little bit more. It is through times of triumph I understand the accomplishment of achieving and the feeling of overcoming. It has been eighteen years since this site began. And in truth I sure some thought I would not continue to write after the first week, much less the first year. However I continue on. I continue to write in freedom of the Good Old USA. A freedom that precious to anyone that writes, makes independent magazines/books, reels, movies and so forth on the world wide web.

The web is a place of dreamers, people with hopes and dreams, and people that just aiming to be famous for one reason or another. I did not desire fame, I did not desire popularity, I did not desire to know how many clicked a link, but in reality it been interesting to watch how people have let me know they were reading and cheering on the effort and attempt I make daily. To those that love what I do I thank you for all your encouragement and allowing God to encourage me and others of faith to share the gospel of Jesus.

Far from least I have to thank God first and foremost for his inspiration in my life and how he continues to teach and guide me every step of the way.

The Precious Crack
by Christina Farris

There all sorts of legends to why there is a crack in the Liberty Bell. However when I first began to do holiday I wrote on the liberty bell several times, and In truth I do not have access to all I wrote on the subject at present, I got it saved, I just can not access files on this laptop I write on. Anyway there is a point. I have my own theory on why the liberty bell is cracked. The Bell was commission in 1751 and in 1752 it was purchased. When it was brought to Philadephia, Pennyslavania, it received it first minor crack, and continued to receive fracture over time but in 1846 it stopped ringing because of a major crack in the bell.

The bell symbolizes our liberty, but it also speaks how fragile that liberty is and how easy it can be splittered and eventually receive a huge crack to silence our liberty. There been events in our nation that has changed our government whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Slavery, terrorism, pandemics, and storms. Big brothers need to look through technology instead of being humanly active in prevention, safety, and working toward solve the crisis hands on. Spy technology on its own people to use to cause its own war with gossip and lies. The knowledge not truly known.

This Fourth of July as Christians pray for our land, may we pray that our precious liberty never be taken, but protected by the freedoms our founding fathers established as they signed the precious Declaration of Independence. May the Declaration be not of been done so in vain. May our independence bring forth hope. May our Faith in God and country not be in vain. May God protect our precious freedom and heal the Liberty bell of all cracks that divide our land.

The liberty found in Christ is liberty that can not be undone, but is complete through salvation. Let us as believers not forget Christ established our first day of liberty upon salvation to exercise our faith through as his Spirit direction.

Bucket List For July
Christina Farris

1. See some fireworks.
2. Eat Ice Cream.
3.Enjoy a night of relaxation under the stars.
4. Play outdoor game with friends.
5. Find some shade and read a book.
6. Go fishing or a hike.
7. Eat Watermelon.
8. Pray for the world to know true freedom
9. Enjoy a Campfire and roast marshmellows.
10. Catch lightening bugs.