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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Father's Day
Christina Farris

Happy Father's Day to all the dads' out there who where all the hats of fatherhood, from being a loving husband, a daddy, a person that works hard and plays hard with his family.

Father's Day Cards

Vacation Bible School and Summer Camps
Christina Farris

Your child is going on vacation without you this summer to camp, to summer school or even Vacation Bible School. One of the first things begin to pray for the teachers and workers involved in these activities. This is a time of spiritual warfare for our kids when they are beginning to decide what they believe about Jesus.

Two rules of thumbs of sending your children off make sure they are going to a reputable church and a reputable establishment. A place that will work hard to keep your children safe in a fun, loving and learning Christian situation. Make sure if it is a church it is with your standard beliefs. No place is safe but to keep little one's safe, teenagers where they are suppose to be is essential to young people's learning and growing in the things of God in good clean Christian place of fellowship.

If they got an adult class for VBS why not go you just might learn something too. Vacation Bible School is usually for everyone. There always need for extra hands with the kids, even if you not the main teacher. It can be fun to watch kids learn or help serving refreshments.

Glorify God The Father And The Son
Christina Farris

This month is for Father's but this site is to honor God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And as we examine scripture this month we examine that relationship of the Son with the Father. Without the Father there is no Son. Without his Spirit the word will go forth no where. Without God grace we all be doomed to fail. God adopts us children and he loves each one of us. We will never take the place of the Son but we sit with him in the heavenlies and rule with him. And his word divides his will and purpose in our life both hear and ever more.

Our relationship with God is private, for only he can see our inner heart. We can talk to him wihtout anyone but God hearing us because we speak from our inner soul and God's Spirit intercedes on our behalf. Our parents often know how we feel, but may not be able to bring comfort to our soul. God's Spirit know always what we need to hear, He needs not to guess, or think how he would feel, he just bringing his love to our soul to strength us and carry us through whatever going on.

Beaches and Vacationing
by Christina Farris 6/5/2022

Have you thought of where you like to go to church while on vacation. Is it a building or having a devotional time with your family or on a picnic table or the beach. Maybe a hotel room before you eat breakfast, or dinner. This is Father's days months and also time for many people to start their vacationing, whether at home or away, remember the good Lord got you through the year so take him with you as you travel. Don't leave Jesus out of your vacation or your home. There is a saying Jesus take the wheel, but when you do make sure your hand are in the hand's of Christ as you travel the road. Remember are you really in that big of a hurry to get somewhere then plan ahead and don't speed to the destination spot. You may be in God's hands but he wants you to arrive safely and secure. Just because your safe remember the drive next to you might not be.

Other day driving to the store one of them drives you know old people complain about, well it happened to my husband and I while he was driving. We missed wrecking by inches. Truck tried to side swipe us not looking at the traffic behind him and he was in another lane. In truth it not the first time it has happened, or will it be the last time this type of thing will happen. All you can do is be the safest defensive driver out there and avoid getting into a head on collison because you get almost sideswiped on the right side of the vehicle. God takes care of his people. Yet what surprised me that day was neither my husband or I was shouting at the wreckless driver. I was beginning to wonder if my husband was feeling okay. I seen it and really wanted to shout out at the driver in the vehicle. His windows were down he probably would of heard me.

God calmed my heart with will why are you upset your not driving. God in his mercy reminds me that when I will be calm and rest in the fact my husband is allowing God to drive with his hands in his hands. To let go and allow God to pilot my husband next to me is a harder one, but in reality it should be easy. God has demonstrated to me more then once if I allow him to lead, the three of us will get where we going unharmed or well protected.

Bucket List
Christina Farris

1. Bible time
2. Plan a trip
3. Go for a walk.
4. Find a good book
5.Find a new summer treat.
6. Find someone to help do a summertime chore.
7. Spend time outdoors with a friend.
8. Find a new dish to cook.
9. Spend time on the porch.
10. Pray(not least but most important.