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Christ Blood Was Shed For Us
by Christina Farris

Christ blood was shed on the cross for many. Shed for as many that would believe in him and would call on his name and be saved. The celebration of cross is often on hand and knees as we remember the price our Savior paid for our sins. The price of going to his death to rise again. To follow the earth rules and not the rules He set before us. To die for who he truly was and is. May this Easter be a sweet humble rememberance of the cross Christ went to for you and me. Teaching us how to live and how to die.

Disability Month
by Christina Farris

Disability, whether it a loss of limb, or other parts. Whether it because of Mental Health, Autism, and Elipsy, just to name of few. Whether you lost and eye or have extra body part that does not belong. Whether you can, walk, hop, jump, or even crawl, your disability should be called an ability. Just because you don't talk or hear you see and hear with your heart. Whether you can smell, taste, or do none of these things above, you still apart of our beautiful world.

People may want to stomp, stop, block and not allow you to have hope. Yet the world sees all, that you suffer through. From the day you discovered you were different was the day you knew the world was not so kind. The day you step out the door and tried to be like everyone else was the day you learn that you were able to do impossible things because you had the desire and drive to do them. Whether it was to get to the top of the ladder, ride a bike, climb onto a school bus, a way was made or you made away to prove you could do it.

For all the disables out there never give up and know your Heavenly Father(God) loves you, that Christ loves you and the Holy Spirit seals your heart too as soon as you take Jesus to be your Savior and Lord. No you never have to go it alone as long as Jesus is beside you. That He is a way maker and door opener to all life situations.

Disable is just that unable, when you give up that what you are. When you put that smile on and say yes I can you are a person of ability, not disability.

He Is Alive
by Christina Farris

This Resurrection Day is only a reminder of what will come, as we study the empty tomb of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus rose to victory from the grave that was meant for you and I. He saved our soul, through the cross, to have victory over sin and death.

The picture above changes but it is a bit slow, yet we barely grasp the meaning of the empty tomb that Jesus is alive. The shackles taken from life as we rise to victory through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. We walked without the hope of God, we walked without the knowledge of his grace. We walk without the full knowledge of his forgiving grace. It matters not what you done or who you are God is able to forgive. The only one found not forgiveness was that chose to remain in sin.

No matter what you going through this morning, I can testify God's grace is greater. God's love and understanding of our human toil is far greater then we can imagine. God looks at us and say I created you in my image, I created you and formed you in your mother's womb. You came out screaming, to face the world with eyes wide open to the desires of the world and the hunger of the world. You make a choice to hunger after the world or to hunger after the word of God, to hunger for the things and will of God.

You might even say Lord you just do not know my situation, but God sees it all. Instead of turning around and hiding his eyes, he sent his Son to teach us how to live, love and forgive. He taught us how to have hope, to rest in his assurance. He did not come the first time as enemy but a friend, the next return of his Son will bring revenge to the lost and dying world.

Do you receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior today. He loves you and desires you to be his child today. All you have to do is believe and ask him to forgive you of your sins. It is that easy. Go to the button how to be ave and you find a simple prayer and verses to walk you through to salvation in Christ Jesus. This is not game it a reality you need Jesus to be saved.

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)". Don't past up the greatest gift you can have this Easter. I can testify chocolate rabbits and easter eggs is not the greatest gift especially at these prices this year. They may be fun to eat but they will take you to heaven. It will not satisfy your soul. Easter is the meaning of new life in Christ. Without the resurrection you and I have no eternal hope. Jesus was and is the New Covenant with God.

May you have a blessed Resurrection Day!
Management of Turtle30cshell.com Christina Farris

The Hope Of The Believer


As the disciples viewed their Savior ascend into heaven and the angels had to come and tell them he would return someday the same way you seen Jesus leave. Our hope as believers we hold to is the ascension of Christ to come. It is the time of joy we long for that is yet to come. It is the jubilation shout of victory has been won. It is the call of the Saint the Messiah is not done. I shout this morning, that my Savior lives, and he lives within my heart and soul, by Spirit and his word. Something that can not be remove from a believer is the word of God in their life. Let us hold to the hope his return no matter what this world seems to be dishing up to try to destroy the precious wonderful name of Jesus. Let us hang onto that hope, our journey is not done, and when we hear the trumpet of the angels we know our Savior is coming, to show the world He truly risen. Let us shout and sing because he lives, we can face tomorrow.
Clean Up Week!
by Christina Farris

It the season to clean up not just our lives but our yards and so forth. I the season to spring clean our house. Take out junk no longer need, go through the clothes closet and toss out what can no longer be worn. Take out the junk that can not be repaired, and remove the extra garabage that just piled up somewhere. Look outside rake the yard, and if you haven't started it time to do a little gardening. However I have to many deer that will destroy a garden. Enjoy the season for it beautiful to see life spring anew out there.