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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Faith In The Storms Of Life
by Christina Farris

How do you get through the storm, you pray.
How do you get through the storm, you sing praises and pray to God.
How do you get through the storm, you hold the hand Jesus offers you.
When you can't take take another step in the storm you look at His grace.

The storms will keep you humble.
The storms will teach you to patience.
The storms will teach you to grab hold of faith that God the Father knows what he is doing.
The storm with faith will enable you to have the strength in the storm.

Wait for the break through.
Wait for the healing.
Wait for the small still voice of God.
Wait for his timing to do his will in your heart and mind.

Rest Assure Jesus hears.
Rest assure He will answer you.
Rest assure he knows what best for you.
Rest In the Assurance He is able to do more then we ask.

Spring Is In The Air
By Christina Farris

Spring is in the air and perfect time for a kite flying contest, or a quiet walk in the woods, or by a creek. Perfect time for spring cleaning, or weekend get away for those that been couped way to long inside. I thank God for the spring time of year. It is a reminder to me of new life in abundance as things begin to grow, whether it a garden or wild flowers. The baby animals peeking their heads out to see the world for the first time. Things God sees is far greater then what we see of new growth and new life in the spring. Yet as we take a few minutes to acknowledge the fresh spring air and change of season, let us thank God for the season of new life and new hope spring forth in our land and area we live in.

The blessings of the season, of time spring forth and everyone being reminded that time went forward at midnight last night. That once a year daylight savings takes an hour of our time. Takes an hour that will not be regained til fall. As we loose an hour of sleep, do we gain anything in the season of spring? We gain extra hours of daylight. Evening light being far brighter and moving toward summer where children can play. The hour of lost seem trivial with the time we gain with the Sun.

When we receive Christ as Lord, we may loose all we had and do have, but what do we gain is more time with the Son of God, the light of hope, the blessings of the precious Trinity. The hope and knowledge of God through his Spirit. We might loose the world but we gain the blessings of faith. Think today as you think on that loss of hour, look at all you have gained. The blessed hope and faith in God that worth more then what the world can provide.

Blessings Of The Gospels
by Christina Farris 3/12/2023

Why is it so hard to accept other's healings. Why is it so hard to receive healing ourselves, even when one has received healing? I read the four Gospels and I see the disciples struggle and the people around him ever hearing but not always receiving the hope. Yet those that did receive the hope of healing God truly blessed them to be able to go forth and share what God had done for them. Healing is not just in the four Gospels it is also in the Old Testament. Miracles, wonders and even curse and the healing of plagues. Ever seeing but many never receiving the truth of these events.

There are four Gospels, but three are written to the Gentile nation and fourth writen for the Jews. Yet the miracles and prophesy they understood they still struggled with what they heard. It rare when you discover the key of the Gospels, when you find the one that holds the key to the mystery of eternal life. Each of the four Gospels tells the story of Jesus and everlasting hope of faith in Jesus. If you miss the hope you hold not the key of the four leaf clover.