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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Jesus In The Center
by Christina Farris

This is the month of love and yet our focus as a believer is who is in the center of our hearts. Christ can be in the center of our hearts without loosing one family member including one's spouse. Putting Christ in the center means he is first in our hearts. We seek him before anyone else in our life. We look to Jesus for our comfort and for our direction in our life. As a believer we do our best to uphold this idea of faith, for Christ to reign in our hearts. Yet the pressures else where in our heart sometimes put Jesus on the back shelf. Let us work in our own life to keep Jesus in the center of our heart. That we learn to work on the love of Christ has for each of us ot share with all those we hold dear in our heart. That unconditional love is a work of faith and a work of the cross of Jesus.

Jesus Loves You Campaign
by Christina Farris

The campaign of years gone by, produced a work of faith across America. The Jesus loves you America of the 80s was catchy phrase to billboard, park benches, buses, tracts, pins, fronts of Bible and more. Each generation seem to have their slogan, that goes across America and beyond. Yet what is the slogan of the 2020's. Nothing really standing out. Yet I sure one of you believers if challenge will look for the slogan of the year to carry across social media and around the globe in many ways. Where is our campaign to share Jesus. It is a challegne for 2023. Yet this year is just begining. How can you share Jesus today with one statement other then Jesus loves you America.

Season To End And The Season To Begin
by Christina Farris 2/07/2023

As the season of football comes to a close this month with the biggest game of the season the Super Bowl, let us not forget racing season began last weekend. I only reminded of death and life and hope for future as we run the race of faith and toss the ball of faith to new believers to carry to the finishline tossing it back and forth to those running the plays with other believers. You can race in one care alone or with a team across a field but either way the finish line must be reached.

As the season comes to a close and season begins for another sport, that it is a good time to share Christ with others, and enjoy time of fellowship, teaching the younger generation they can have clean fun with others. Teaching these things are important you don't have to have the wild party to have fun. You do not need the alcohol to enjoy a good time with friends both christian and non christian. Many ways to make connection with others not just with a football game, but also a crafting, a cooking, camping, science, technology group and so forth are just a few other options. Yet it is also a time to share the love of God, share with music, devotions and a song. Teach the kids how to have fun will enable them to find healthy connections with other both believers and non believers.