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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Bucket List For Thanksgiving
Christina Farris 10/4/2022

1. Start a day with praise and worship music
2. Bible Reading Daily
3. Write down 24 things your thankful for to God.
4. Make Your Thanksgiving check list
5. Make plans to shop for Christmas
6. Think of someone that alone at thanksgiving and do something special for them.
7. Find a food pantry donate or spend time helping, or give to someone in need of help this season
8. Enjoy time with family and friends
9. Take a look at the book list and plan for that time period during the thanksgiving rush were there is just nothing to do for some reason and curl up with your first book.
10. Make sure you at least make one of your favorite foods for thanksgiving dinner.
11. Add to the list of things you want to do.

A Feast For A Mouse
by Christina Farris 11/9/2022

The mouse is a mouse that looking at a piece of cheese for thanksgiving, looking at his bounty of swiss cheese. What a find on such a holiday that mouse declared. That piece of cheee bigger then the mouse. He takes it sets on the table. To bad he is a lone mouse that piece of cheese would feed a family of mice. Yet the mouse looks and begins to sing thank you Lord for this piece of moldy cheese. Cheese is made of healthy mold you know. Sometimes even when alone we need to thank the Lord for what we have.

There many older people that are in need of food, there silent cry for help heard or not heard. With the economy issues this thankgiving consider adopting an elderly person or a disabled who may be without meal. Some will go to the local food pantries and get donated food, and others are to old to go and won't trust a strangers good well. Consider how you help, and how you can help be that person that gets to know someone in need or someone needing just a thanksgiving day hug. An invitation to a table. I think sometimes the bounty of food on some tables with empty chairs, and wonder would they not love to have someone there at their table this year. Yet as usual this time of celebration is just that, a short feast with a putting away, and feasting the rest of the week on leftovers. If you can remember someone in need this season, remind them they don't have be alone for thanksgiving share a meal. It does not have to be turkey. Eat what you like. Turkey tradition of so many Americans, but I sure that first thanksgiving feast there was turkey and vension, and all kinds of vegetables stored and reserved for the winter season. The feast of the harvest would of had more then corn on the cob, and pumpkin. Every vegetable, fruit probably was in a presented dish by the pilgrims and indians alike, sharing in the delicacies of such a feast. Think about that old person or disabled person and share a meal or help them get the things they need if you can through out the year. That one meal may save a life, the extra sandwhich or bowl of soup a day maybe the only think that person eats and yet he/she has a roof over their head. Be that hand extended this year. Care about those oppressed during economic recovery.