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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Economic Mirroring The Generation To Come
by Christina Farris 6/6/2022

As summer fast approaches, and our economy is not doing well and it is doing better then it could be. It going to be ahard fight to get the economics of our country back under control. It only going to prove that economy can not be built with price increase and higher wages for the working. Your leaving the older generation behind in the world economy. Just remember young people you are the next older generation, you mess up your folks generation, yours will be a piece of cake to the younger generation that watched you short change your elders.

The Glorification Month To Honor God the Father
Christina Farris

Sunday the 21 is Father's Day. I chosen each year to honor God the Father. My earthly parents are special to me. Born outside Washington DC area. I have always love the mountains and long to live in the hills, and found myself right in the middle of them without even taking notice of it. God creation is easily seen in the mountains and valleys of my state. Yet how often do we take these views for granted. How long do we delay in appreciationing God's creation. From the Blueridge parkway of Virginia to the Appalachian hills, I consider my state home. Yet I call my nation America because that what I was told it was. I learn of freedom and my love for my God in America. One of our cheerish freedom is faith in God and Christ Jesus. Yet when we hear of uprising, lies, some would consider spam by techno words of today, there is no way of knowing for certain of that truth without hunting the one writing a story to ask what they mean. In truth maybe it pains of option that exist against fire arms, religion, free speech and more. Maybe it the lies that are meant to cause people to question the nation they are living in whether it truly exist. It only takes a few people to cause confusion and only one lie.

If our laws are being challenged then we need to examine why they are. Yet if God's word is being challenge we need to examine scripture. What does Scripture say and what does God say about what being said. God's word reflection our nation true values that were fought for. Yet it does not speak of what is happening always in our nation, because of sin. Then we have to ask is our laws working as they should. God's laws never fail, because it the law of love.

I talk about love all the time, but the author of love is God and God is love. God's acceptance of us as we are, desiring to improve our life is our Heavenly Father, who is looking down on our lives and see our pain, our sorrow, our tears, our confusion, our frustration and all the anger that caused by sin in the world. Did God pity us in our lostness, to the point he said I pay for your sin, pay by sending my Son. HIs Son was already promised, already given through his word. Given before we could see our past, present and future. Meaning God seen it all, and built a plan perfect for you and I. He building a new world that different then this earth for his children, that love, and glorify him for who He is. His world being perfect, but made for Him and us to dwell in harmony because we desire to do his will. Alot to grasp and a lot to think on. Our founding Father's desire that world when creating our nation. Yet God knew man would only make a place that would continue to have the sin of the world marking it. Can we see the population of the world is only 1/3 christian, and yet do we glorify God. Do we raise our voice in unison to let the world knows who God and Christ is.

What To Do?
Christina Farris 6/5/2022

What to do if you see no activity on home page, don't panic, the devotional section usually have updates. And if no update there just check update and rerun section and click on the words Words Press. Why no updates perhaps lack of inspiration. I been typing since 2006 on this website. And online since 2001. That along time, especially when I was not one for essays, term papers, reports of any kind. It is a miracle what God allows us to do.

Father's Day Cards
Father's Day
by Christina Farris 6/6/2022

Father's wear many hats, from being a spouse, a dad, to working a job. Yet the best position Father's have is being called Dad, Papa, daddy, and Father. Have a blessed Father's day.