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MarchThrough The Gospels
by Christina Farris

How many walk through the Gospels and know its spring once more and a time of also revival. If Christ is the message we bring, should not each year bring the beginning message of faith in who Christ is begin with the study of the Gospels.

This site has look at different angles of all the Gospels one time or another, and this years march is no different. The outcome has not changed, for Christ will die and rise again and the Gospel will then be preached by the Holy Spirit.

Growing Pains
by Christina Farris

Growing pains only a symbol of life that continues through out life, whether in business, family and friendships. In order for one to grow one has to experience pain and sorrow. From birth to death, pain comes with the first breath of air, to the last breath of air. Yet we understand it not. Yet it comes to us with the knowledge of fluid coming out to muscles no longer working that pushes air through the lungs. We need breath the air to live and to die and to go on to our final resting place we must let the air flow cease.

To accept Christ as Savior and Lord it can be painful to recognize one has sinned against God, but the joy comes when seeing Christ arms stretched out in forgiveness for you and I knowing he paid it all through his suffering. Rest our soul knowing that up from the grave he arose, and with that we are given a new life with Christ. The Growing pains of new spiritual birth, begins spiritual birth, but the nicks and scraps we find ourselves in as believers is the only pain we will feel because our eternity is already declared.

St Patrick Day

Tax Season 2021
by Christina Farris