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Love 2022
by Christina Farris

Love is the greatest gift you can give someone, but it is not something that tangible, it not something that can be felt. It must be built on facts of truth. Love is often the expression of action, but is not love. Anyone can help another, but that is not love. Love is rooted deeper then emotion, but the untangible evidence of forgiveness, and true exceptance of another even when a person has flaws. Love is the Spirit of God and his very existence of is compassion on man, and his gentle shepherding of the believers in faith. Love is the part of God that he gives as a gift to his sheep. Love is the very thing he teaches his people by teaching them to give of themselves to help their fellow man.

Love bears fruit, after it is given away. Love is something that will bear fruit in due season. Love is something that can not be taken away. It is something that eternal, and yet it hear and now. It is what makes mankind give love back to God, who was the one who gave his Son first for each one of us. Without his Son we do have the promise or hope of eternity. Without God's love we can not gain the love that planted first in our own hearts and then in the hearts of others. Love is the what is sown to those who have yet to believe and given in grace to those that do believe.

Family That Exercises:
Has all there
ducks in a row
by Christina Farris

Reality of Love
by Christina Farris

Love enduring enless time topic. Can love endure the storms in life, and if not why not? Can love endure the time of hope and promise? If not why not. Love is not a cards, candy or flowers, though they are a romantic gesture. It not the flowers, the candy, or cards that really defines love. Love is not a one night stand which probably will not last a life time. Love is not the sensual touch of love, like the warm caress or the long passionate kiss. All these things are nothing but the emotion and expression of desire, but it is not love. ll these things might feel good, get positive vibes, thumbs ups, but it is not love. Love is kind, love is thoughtful, love is mender of the heart on a bad day. love does not rely on the emotion or verbal confirmation of I love you. Love is more then all the things February 14 would like you believe it is. Why is that. Valentines day is built on a false religion of love. yet we think nothing of Aphrodites or Cupid arrow being struck in the heart of new love. The image of Cupid with his bow and arrow to flame the hopes of a date, a first kiss, a night of lovers bliss. Yet Cupid is not love. Cupid about sensual love, emotional love, love that not necessarily enduring, all the things God of scripture is not.

What then is love, love does not measure faults, only holds to forgiveness of Christ in the heart. Love remains even at a distance. Love is kind, love is patient, love of faith is not the love of Cupid. Yet Solomon describes love of his bride in relationship to the love of God and his bride, the church in the Songs of Solomon in the Bible. Yet the romance of people like Jacob and Rachel, Isaac and Rebecca, Adam and Eve, Ruth and Boaz, David and Bathsheba, and more all appear to be a love story. Yet one might say Adam and Eve stayed together despite being kicked from paradise. Which couple loved each other more? The difference of lust, and love is the simplicity of the tide that binds even in the storm.

Cupid has lost because his arrow could not produce true love once more. Yet those that knew the cost of love in the storm endured a greater love that must of come with their relationship to God, spouse, family, friend and self.

Superbowl Sunday
February 13, 2022
by Christina Farris

Superbowl Fans, consider making it a day of fellowship, teaching the young ones coming up how to have a social party without the wild destruction of wild living. Instead plan half time for a time of worship, testimony and song. Make it simple, but enjoy your time with others as you cheer on your favorite team.

Race Day 2022

Tax Season 2021
by Christina Farris