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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
January Month
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1. Dust off the Book Shelf
2. Find a good book
3. Make A Hot Drink Menu
4. Wait For Snow
5. Find your sleigh and skates.
6. Meditate beside the fireplace, in a cozy corner of your home on God's word.
7. Have a friend over for a night of fun and games.
8. Prepare the New Party and Super Bowl Party.
9. Go through your craft box and try something new. 10. Pray for our nation, and the nation around the world as we begin this New Year.
(P.S. Live in a different climate, please make changes for the season)

Weather Outside
by Christina Farris

Winter is time of year, I probably dislike the most in one way and in another way I love it. I do not like the slick wet winter that makes it hard to get outside, but I love the snow, because it makes everything pretty outside.

New Years: A New Begining
by Christina Farris 12/31/2021

New Begins begin in a believers heart upon receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. New Beginings come our way when we purge the old to bring in the new. May you start 2022 with Jesus in your heart. May you know the new beginning of Christ first, and all others coming after. Last year may of been the hardest year of my life and yet God grace got me through. God's grace continues own in my life and my hope for my readers is that Christ will be not only Savior and Lord, but also their eyes be on Christ.

The hope of new beginings, can only begin when everyone begins to allow others to have their new beginning also. It more then self resolution, but a resolution to the world to say let by gones be by gones, lets start with forgiveness, and move forward in faith in Christ. It originally started on the cross, but it does not have to stop there. Let us move forward and forgive this season of beginnings. Let us give people a new begining, a do over, and hope for tomorrow.

We can only learn to give by first giving ourself a new beginning, and forgiving of ourselves, to the point we allow new mistakes to be made, because one has learned from the old ones.

When I think of resolutions, it is usually the thought of diets, exercise programs, a new hobby, a new bucket list of things to accomplish and so much more. Yet all things will only be accomplished if our will to do them keeps one motivated. Faith and forgiveness is much like a resolution in motivation. Faith takes work, Forgivness must be repeated, and performed through out the year. What going to keep one motivated is being disciplined in taking time daily in the word, in prayer, and allow the Holy Spirit to motivate you in your journey of faith. Leave it in his hands this New Year.

Remember your new begining to forgive, to love, to have faith in God is daily, not just yearly. Not just in a service or two during the year, but daily walking by faith. Forgiveness began when God first loved us. It began when we realize we needed to turn away from sin. Forgiveness began when we seen the need to not let those who hurt us continue in their misery as well.

The Yearly Purging: Allow God To Do Your Cleaning
by christina Farris

One of the things no one needs is someone chasing them with a whip. The whip of constant correction. God is not like that, and so neither should anyone else be that way. I think of how easy it is to remember someone mistakes, but only want to forget our own. Yet in truth, how much correction does a person need to get things right. God allows his children to slip and fall a time or two, not on purpose mind you, not being the agenda of the day, meaning exactly we going to make mistakes, and we need to learn from our mistakes and when we do, we no longer find the whipping post at our door.

Can you forgive yourself the same way you ought to forgive others. Can you realize Christ blood will covers your sin upon the day your are saved. It is bad enough when individual beats themselves over a mistake, but it just as bad when others do the same to you over and over, because of a mistake. Some are just being mere human, culture and others never learned what Christ forgiveness and love was all about. Do not get me wrong there is time for correction and whipping post, but it better be to make positive change. Hopefully you find that whipping post called love and not a sword made by demons.

Ever watch "Forge in Fire, where they make steel knives in competition. If the sword is created right it will pentrate anything and cut anything with percision, if not it bears a product of unuseability. God's word cuts with precision, and the devil words cut with barbs, bones, and pieces of metal tied to the whip. God's word takes and pentrates the heart and soul. Christ paid the price of the sin for the world, his blood purges our sin, with each stroke of the devils whip, our sorrow wretch with each stroke, but no mercy found with the whip. You take God's word and it pentrates the soul, it brings one to the knees without a mark. It grabs a hold of the sinner heart, tears not one piece of human flesh. It pierces the sinner heart and moves us to repentance and turning away from sin, if we only will trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior, who will forgive us of our sin. Let God heal with the oil and balm of the Holy Spirit who pierces with his word, and cleanses our heart with his word if we just say to him, as we surrender all.