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November Month
Time To Be Thankful
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1. Make a list of 25 things you are thankful for.
2. Plan to celebrate one day for being thankful
(americans that thanksgiving)
3. Rake leaves or other outside chore.
4. Spend Time with family
5. Take time to thank God for the things on list you made.
6. Make a favorite dish
7. Share or give to someone in need.
8. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season
9. Enjoy at least one holiday movie with family and friends
10. Do something special for someone else.

Thanksgiving Reflection
by Christina Farris

After all these years of typing and writing, I wonder what will I say this year to those that read my site. Do I have a favorite Thanksgiving and a least favorite Thanksgiving? In truth every Thanksgiving is different, and this year no exception. One more missing from our normal table at the inlaws, whether dinner is served or not. Thanksgiving a reminder of American tradition, not celebrated by the world, but in truth maybe should be. It is a celebration of survival of the first year in a strange new world for the Puritans. It is a reminder of how thankful we should be that we as a nation we are still surviving during a crucial time in history. Maybe the world should be thankful that they are becoming over comers too.

The news is ever changing but the truth of God's word never fails. If I could change one thing this year, it would be the higher prices in gas, the higher prices on groceries, and the higher prices of items for the holidays even Christmas.

Then I think no this is the season to be ever thinking ahead, and maybe making homemade gifts for next month. Maybe pull out the ideas of decorations being homemade too. Maybe this is the year of all things homemade. Yet if it is, then we have to ask ourselves is it because there no money, or the rise in prices soaring have us all in a silent tizzy of what this season may mean from the economic side of things.

No this season must be more then a season of grinching, but a season of giving. A season of being thankful. A season of celebrating the harvest in our land that will supply more then what we need for winter. Maybe a celebration like whoville, despite the Grinch thinks that he has won again this year. The point being our season of thanksgiving comes from the heart, the season of Christmas comes from the heart as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A reminder to give thanks as several people clearly pointed out to me prepares our hearts for not only Thanksgiving day but for the weeks ahead for Christmas. I have been doing a countdown for Thanksgiving and Christmas in Dailies for more years then I can count on one hand. This year is no different. We need that reminder of being thankful to be able to set that mood to help us be thankful for the greatest gift of all, and that birth of God's only begotten Son.

These next two months bring joy and not sorrow, though good memories and bad. Through tradition and nontraditional activities. The battle to make this year special to our hearts this year too. May God bless you and keep you this thanksgiving. Manager turtle30cshell Christina Farris.

Time Going Back
by Christina Farris

Remember to set your clocks back one hour. Everything in God's timing, and God needs no clock to remind him.

Seed Time And Harvest
by Christina Farris

Special promises from God are the promises no matter the season, no matter the issue, that life will continue until Christ returns. Every year we remember God's blessings. Remember the reason we get up in the morning and say thank you Lord. We remember that life is not easy but the promises of God reminds us that there will be another day until the Lord returns on this earth. The tomorrow as we know it will change when our Lord either calls us home or returns to claim his people. If you watch much scifi one of the things that people fear is the storms that are coming, illness that are coming, the struggles that will come. I was think the other day while hubby was driving that if I could instill anything in a young person it would be the blessed hope of faith and the hope of tomorrow despite what comes. At fifty-two struggles are just another reminder that things in life changes. Yet I reminded there are things that will not change and that is seed time and harvest. I remember there times things don't grow as well in one place as it did in another place. Yet things still grew. There are things that will not change til the coming of Christ once more. The fact flax need to be dried out before it can be turned into whatever, is only proof certain tradition of how things are made and done will and never will change. Matthew 12:20 KJV "A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory."

Veterans Day, The Unknown Soldier
by Christina Farris

Remember our soldiers that protect our freedom. Remember the soldier you lost their life for you and me to have this freedom in our country. Novermber 11, 2021 is Veterans Day, let us not forget why this day should be remember, even around the world. Many nations formed an Alliance to fight the harshness of WWII, Gulf Wars and more. Let us not forget every country has their soldiers and fighters for peace. Let us not forget them.