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October Month
Remember To Love
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1. Love God.
2. Love others as Yourself
3. Love yourself
4. Love unconditionally
5. Discover love
6. Sisterly Or brotherly love
7. Love when it hurts
8. Love when their joy.
9. Love when there is no hope.
10. Learn to love in all season of life.

You Think Evil Is Cool?
by Christina Farris

This month for some people is about enjoying pranks, scaring people in fun, candy, scary movies, bobbing for apples, pin the pumkin smile to his face and just simple fall party either to celebrate fall, evil or to celebrate fear factor in life. I have enough fear in my life I do not need reminders of evil but only love. However there is a time to teach children that jump out of a closet are okay to scare someone because usually it does no harm or other pranks. But it is receiving of food from a stranger even candy can be deadly. That there are pure evil people that will try and take your life with poison, with knife blade and with a gun. Let us not forget the rope, or the accidently speeding down a highway with no regards for human life much less their own.

Blood and gore is common in the emergency room, but does it have a place beyond the lights and sirens of an accident? In truth many watch gore this season of Halloween, never thinking of the predators that are consumed by these negative thoughts of murder, fear, control and abuse. What wrong with being scared for fun, or haunted house? What if haunt house was your reality? What if ghost/evil spirit was destroying your life would you laugh then?

Most peole know the difference between fake and real. Most people know when someone trying to play pranks and jokes, but when those things become real it no longer funny.

Where should Christians draw a line for Halloween, when they study history and understand the meaning of Halloween, I not saying do not carve a pumpkin, or bob for apple, I am talking about participating in evil, celebrating evil or fear, celebrating persecution, the art of divination, and causing harm to another because you think it justified on the day of evil. Nothing wrong with custome, or dressing up to scare, but it is the evil behind characters that people emulate that is questionable.

Are we imitating the Devil on his day designed by man? The statue of baal destroyed on more then one occassion. What about the statue of baal in the human heart. Only when Christ reigns does the devil fire get stuff out. Only when love reigns does Devil's fire get snuffed out. This month the fire fighters of faith need to be wearing love maybe even more. Reminding how God loved us despite he knew his Son would die for a people that still reject him today. Love the people so much that God resurrected his Son, who spent another forty days of his life with his disciples before being taken up into the clouds of heaven. Greater love to love the person that killed your son. He would save even some in the priesthood that believed despite they were told not too. Greater love to see Christ alive after his death, to show God's word can not be conquered by hate, by evil, by betrayal, and by power that desires for change not to come. Yet Jerusalem would still fall.

What my point this season of pumpkins, candy, and pranks, it is to know why Christians should not be participants in evil? Why we should only participate in love. Be participants of good and teach the children how trickery, deception, persecution and control has no room in daily living. Look in past articles on Halloween to know the history. Christians celebrate the day after the one's persecuted life. Called all Saints day. Do we celebrate the martryers of faith life and their testimony of standing up against evil despite their outcome in our world? Men and women persecuted for faith in Jesus is no laughing matter.

Why Not Love?
by Christina Farris

Why not love as Jesus loves you. He did not come to condemn but to shed his light of love upon you. HIs judgment will come, but it coming because of sin of the world is to great.

Unconditional Love
by Christina Farris

Our human heart was created to love, our human heart was created to heal, and our human heart was created to survive many things in our life. From the first eyes of love that looked upon a child in need of help, to the last look of love before one death. The human heart needs love. As I looked at a small kitten this past month, that was determind my home was his and he was not taking no for answer, I realize he maybe had more love for my husband and I then we had for him. We got introduced to him by louding meowing outside our house at three in the morning that did not stop. He came on Labor Day weekend. All shelters were closed he was about six weeks old. He was tiny and I truly wanted to ignore him. So the first day we did try and ignore him until I seen him. Hubby thought he was a year old, no not a year old but six weeks old. I did not want to put food out but he would not stop meowing outside my house. Shelters are closed on the weekend. I said put enough out to fill his belly and hopefully he will leave. He is tiny and that was not going to work. He was still there meowing the next day and the next. The shelter is open and there is no room for the little kitten. They would not take it even if I were to take it and kill it. I called continually to see if they had room for two weeks. Finally the kitten won with his continual love for our dog gizzy. Not because we wanted another kitten, because our shelter dog had compassion for it. His persistence paid off, and continues to pay off. The kitten went to the vet came into the house after three weeks.

The point to the story is God's love for man is consistent and persistent, but are we willing to allow God's uncondition love despite how we treat him, to pentrate our hearts and mind. Every day that kitten would walk with our dog gizzy when it was time to go out to go to the bathroom. Every time he went out he was right there loving gizzy. God is that way with us. He does not like evil, or evil intent. He does not tolerate idolatry, or sin, but he continues to love us by giving us protection if we repent and seek to follow him. God's first protection came in the form of his word and his promise of a Savior that would redeem us from our sins. Then his Son came and redeem us and continues to redeem mankind today. God's love pentrates the sinners heart, that when we receive Christ into our heart, we receive forgiveness for sin. Scripture in John 3 says that Christ did not come to condemn but to share his light with the world because the world loved darkness rather then light. Are good morality is only as good as our thoughts. God is able to pentrate even our evil thoughts and help us to love. Love is the hardest thing we learn to do. Love like God is even harder, because it to love someone when they are unloveable. That kitten was loveable on first sight, even with him having a cold. The kitten was unloveable because of the cost. The old saying love will find a way. If God is speaking to your heart today, he found away to reach in and say I love you despite that you maybe unloveable in the world's eyes or eyes of others including yourself. God loved you despite the cost. God loves you unconditionally and wants you to know his love has room for you too. Do not worry about how little you can forgive someone, concern yourself with allowing God to teach you through his Son Jesus how to love. To learn to love despite what others do, is learning to love unconditionally.

We all have our breaking points especially if there is murder, persecution, abuse and more that happens that one has to love through. It not over night learning to love, sometimes it takes a life time to get to loving someone because of abuse. Where is your limit? God has no limits until the day of judgment. Are you ready to receive his love and help in loving others.

Fire Prevention Month
by Christina Farris

Remember your fire fighters, and rescue works both physical and spiritual workers of our area this month in prayer. There is a fire burning to celebrate evil. Some even causing rescue and fire fighters to work over time in our area because of people cutting down trees that block the road, and causing accidents, or other medical emergency of not being able to get to hospital safely. Going to cut a tree down to help the poor have fuel in the winter consider cutting and stacking it in a safe location, so those in need can get it or someone can deliver it to them. For the ministers that are working hard to snuff out evil get a team together if possible to lift the burdens of the poor. It is scriptural. To aid those in need. Ministry is more then the pulpit it living it in aiding those in need, spiritually and sometimes physically, when possible.