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September Month
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1. Enjoy the final weeks before fall really gets here
2. The raking of leaves
3. Wash those windows and clean for winter
4. Take a walk/breath the fresh air of fall
5. Walk around as leaves are falling in the wind.
6. Plan your tea and hot chocolate drinks for cooler nights
7. Revival season in many churches
8. Try a new hair style
9. Pop popcorn in the evening
10. Not least but first of all take time to Thank God for bring you through the summer season.

Season Of Fall
by Christina Farris

The season of fall is upon us. Many happy days of getting off the school bus to feel the nip of fall coming in the air. The smell of fall in late afternoon, as one raked the fallen leaves, or finished picking of late crops from the garden in the evening. The smell of corn, in the fields, and the whispering of the trees as they begin to shed the leaves of fall. Leaves changing their green color to rich colors of orange, reds, yellows and then eventually brown. Each thing only a reminder that winter is approaching in a few months and holiday season will be in full swing. Yet here we are sitting typing of the passing of fall, and yet it not just a fresh memory of seasons past but the reminder of the new season that continues on the process of dying out of the old plant life to bring in the new plant life in the spring.

Death and life is only part of the process of the seasons, but it is also a process of what must come as we throw sin away, raking it in a pile and putting in a bag at the foot of the cross. Then it thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. The should never have to be gone through or remembered. Think next time you want to dig through the pile of someone else garabage bag, are they as forgive as you at the cross, then leave theirs too. In truth the revival season is about fall and spring cleaning. Get rid of the old so new growth can occur as well as preparation or perservation of what is to remain in a person's life.

Labor Day
by Christina Farris

Labor Day a time to rest, a time to reflect and a time to enjoy family and friends. A time to be at home, to go camping, to go to a resort, to take in the sights of an area. A time to just chill. Whatever you choose to do on your laborday weekened, it is your time to decide. Choose to keep it safe for you and others.

Reflection On Terror
by Christina Farris

We can not change the past, we can only change the future. As memories of 911 come with the reflection of Day of Terror, it is not the only day of terror for mankind, nor will it be our last. We might remember 911 because of the number of lives lost, but it more then that, it is a reminder of vunerable the world in which we live is. It tells how people who had no regard for American law decided to break the law, decided to destroy not only others, but themselves.

Now what is some other days of terror, day a mother dies in child birth, the day an alcoholic drives and kills, or a drug addict can not control himself and beats his children. We can not forget the day the computer seems to control a car and causes it to wreck, that another day of terror. A day of terror the day a rock slide occurs, the day avalanche that covers hikers. There are many days of terror, but every day of terror has a tomorrow, every day of terror has a day after. a year after, a survivor of the aftermath of destruction. Yet we groan in horror at these events, we can not always get rid of the cause of terror.

God in his wisdom has created a day after the day of final terror, a terror that is final judgment upon the earth. A day of hope of a new heaven and a new earth. A day of knowing there is hope that what we witness will not remain. If we can do one thing with remembering those taken in terror, is to remember the hope that came after, the hope that there would be another day that would almost feel normal but never the same. A day that we knew life continues and life does not have to be focused on the past. If we dwell on what we can not change we will never move on. God created that day for us after the judgment. He created the day after the storm, He has created the promise of hope. A light at the end of the tunnel, the hope of a better tomorrow. Let us not dwell on what we can not change, but learn from those things to make change. We can not change sin/evil event but we can make change for a better tomorrow by choosing Christ to take away our sin and choosing the path of faith in Jesus.

The days after the cross as Jesus walked the earth, he taught his disciples of the hope of the next day. He taught them to love and to feed the sheep. The terror of the cross would fuel their call, but it would change them to teach the love of Christ, the need of Christ, the gift of God's Spirit and the reverence of the Father. If we can grasp one thing the day of terror for the disciples was seeing their Lord crucified. The days that follow that brought hope of a new tomorrow would be the resurrection. Well you rest in a new begining as you believe in Christ today and receive him as Lord and Savior. You got a new begin in Jesus, a new tomorrow and a new day of change.

Bullying Season
by Christina Farris

Bullying is the way of many devils. People that have no respect of anothers being rights or respect enough to care for another persons' disability, ability, or talents. Bullies like to poke you, prick you, attack you and try to crack the whip behind you to make you into something they think you should be or do. Bullies tend to never understand the life of another human being. These people are slave drivers, tormentors, ridiculors and people that think if you not equal, then you have no place on this earth.

God's way is not the way of the devil/bullies. God's way is love and compassion for all humanity, despite their short coming, their weakness and inability to maintain the strength of the strong. They are equal not because of ability but because of their human rights to have dignity. Human rights to thrive and live to their best of their ability. Whether strong or weak they stand and sit side by side. They lay on a cot beside another with the same health scare of cov-19. Some say it not the power of money this time, it the power of ability to provide for those in need. Yet even poor know they are sometimes last in line. Yet they serve the nation in jobs that keep our economy running with basic necessities, yet without the middle class the nation would not survive in technical world of being able to figure out what those brainy acts that are rich are truly saying in order to get the job done. If the middle class had a minute to slow down they be wearing the richman's shoes, and not the handy me downs. Yet in crisis we all need the same treatment, solution, and same outcome of survival. If the world has learn anything disease often has no bigotry who gets sick and who will die. Will you show others the same equality you want in this world. Do you want to be bullied or loved. Most people want to be loved and accept for who they are. Even the bully.